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Virginia Tech football: What’s the Hokies’ injury situation look like vs. Louisville?

Could the Hokies be without multiple key starters?

Syracuse v Virginia Tech Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

During Virginia Tech’s win over Syracuse last week, the Hokies suffered some injuries. Ahead of this weekend’s showdown at Louisville for second place in the ACC, head coach Brent Pry gave some updates on those injuries.

First, running back Bhayshul Tuten:

“Just wanted to protect him a little bit,” Pry said. “He got banged in the game, and he’s had two good days. He’s full speed; we just didn’t want another bump.”

So it sounds like Tuten will be ready to go on Saturday.

Pry offered a similar update on Keli Lawson.

“Yeah, we did that with him again,” Pry said. “It’s just an alert for everyone else, ‘don’t go knock the heck out of this guy.’ We don’t want that.”

The most concerning injury from last week was starting safety Jalen Stroman. Pry said on Tuesday that Stroman was questionable for Saturday’s game, calling him one of Virginia Tech’s “tougher players.”

What was Wednesday’s update on Stroman?

“I mean, he does fly around,” Pry said. “We just don’t know about the physical piece of it. Tomorrow is a walkthrough day, Friday is full speed, and we’ll get a better idea. The trainers were going to spend a little extra time with him after practice and put him through a few additional training. So, I got my fingers crossed on that.”

It sounds like Stroman could be a game-time decision, but we should know more on Friday before the Hokies head to Louisville.