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Virginia quarterback Anthony Colandrea promises a win over Virginia Tech

It’s safe to say this will be all over Virginia Tech’s locker room.

NCAA Football: Virginia at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to believe, but this is the final week of the college football regular season. That means it’s time for the annual battle for the Commonwealth Cup between the Virginia Tech Hokies (5-6, 4-3) and the Virginia Cavaliers (3-8, 2-5).

And thanks to UVa's true freshman quarterback, Anthony Colandrea, this game has more juice than usual. Not only are the Hokies playing to become bowl-eligible, a big deal for the program as head coach Brent Pry continues his rebuild, but Colandrea delivered a promise after Virginia’s win over Duke last weekend.

That’s a big claim by Colandrea, considering the Cavaliers’ lack of success against the Hokies on the gridiron. Even one of the worst Virginia Tech teams in years defeated what many believed to be a better Virginia team in 2021 after the Hokies fired Justin Fuente.

Remember J.C. Price and the victory cigar? That’s one of the best images in recent memory for the Hokies.

The 5-foot-11 Colandrea has injected like into Virginia’s struggling program. He’s played well and is the type of dual-threat quarterback that has given Virginia Tech fits over the years. Colandrea has some help, too, in the form of wide receivers Malik Washington and Malachi Fields.

Hokie fans are going to hate Colandrea, but you know what? That’s good for this rivalry. I am not sure we’ll see many Virginia Tech players putting stuff out on social media, as the Hokies will likely do their talking on the field this weekend. Don’t worry; we’ll see plenty of former Tech stars talking enough for everyone on social media. Former defensive end James Gayle is one of the best.

The good news for the Hokies, they have their quarterback, too. Virginia Tech has been a different team with Kyron Drones under center.

Saturday’s game should be fun.