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Wahoos vs. Hokies: News Tidbits, Stuff, and Guesses

This is it. The last week. Or not. If the Hokies win, it’s a bowl bid, if they lose it’s home for the holidays. Which one do they want more? All will be answered by 6:30 PM. GO HOKIES!!!!

A hopeful Hokie Bird before the Wake Forest game. Hokies need to repeat the feat.
John Schneider - SB Nation

So, Who is the #25 for the Last Regular Season Game of 2023?

Tucker has dibs on the #25. Out earning him for the right to wear it is a tough mission.

The Uniform of the Game Looks like White over Maroon with White Helmets

Hokies in the NFL

It wasn’t the greatest weekend for their teams, but Divine, Logan, and Tremaine showed up well. Joey Sly kicked some field goals, but missed a PAT. Washington lost last Sunday and was embarrassed on Thanksgiving, so it’s a mixed bag of news there.

Now for Predictions

Bryan Manning

UVA quarterback Anthony Colandrea made this one fun. I don’t know if he even believed the Hoos would win on Saturday, but it definitely had people talking. That’s a good thing. This game means something for the Hokies. You win, and you are bowl-eligible. That’s a big deal in Brent Pry’s second season. This game should mean something for every player on both sides. Hopefully, it will again. Pry has Tech headed in the right direction, while the Cavaliers have looked much better under Tony Elliott lately. Elliott’s hire looked like a disaster at one point, but the tide has slowly turned for him.

So what happens on Saturday?

I think this will be somewhat of a high-scoring game, but Kyron Drones is the better quarterback, and the Hokies, overall, have the better offensive playmakers. Both teams have. ways to go defensively, although VT has shown an ability to get to the quarterback and create turnovers. I believe the Hokies win a shootout and Drones has a big day.

Hokies 34, Cavaliers 27

John Schneider

You all are answering the poll, and those are the three scenarios that keep bouncing around between my head, gut, and heart. My head says that even with its current up and down struggles the Hokies just have better talent and are coming off a loss that many, as the film reviews come in, are seeing might have been a game that could have been won with smarter coaching. My heart, never, ever, ever, even in times of extreme certitude in favor of the Hoos, can ever root for, nor admit that the Hoos could win this. My gut tells me that this is looking much like the weekend too far. The OC just doesn’t get “it”. The defense is up and down so much, and so bad against running quarterbacks, that the rumbles in the innards are telling me that the Hokies have hope but can’t back it up.

This one is so close that it’s another IF-THEN-ELSE situation that the Hokies haven’t beaten many times this season. IF they come out fired up. If they go downfield on offense, and stuff Colandrea in a bag and keep him from doing damage with his legs, and cover Washington, and... and... and... There just seem to be too many IF conditions to hit the 3-2-1 Win.

As much as it pains me to no end, and I hope that I am wrong, my gut tells me that the Hokies just can’t overcome that many ifs, and the Hoos take this one by a touchdown and the O/U thing won’t matter. Please, Hokies, make me wrong. Please.

28-17 Hoos (No Bueno)

This game is Win or Go Home.

We’ll see which one happens.