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Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Takes Down Tulane: 76-70

The Hokies close out the Cayman Islands “Tournament” series with a solid but close fought win with Tulane University Green Wave, 76-70. Georgia Amoore lights up in the 2nd half for almost all of her 24 points. Liz puts in 18, and Olivia Summiel shines with 16. GO HOKIES!!!

You had to know that Georgia Amoore wasn’t going to stay in a scoring slump for long. Eventually she was going to figure it out and start hitting. While she was doing that figuring, she was contributing important play. But, this Saturday, when the Hokies had a banner weekend, Georgia added a huge effort and found the range on Tulane. It took until the 2nd half, but G got going when Tech needed her to.

The Game Started on a Relatively Quick Pace

Scoring nearly 20 points in a quarter in women’s basketball is a seriously fast pace. That ends up at 80 points for a game, and when Tech closed the 1st quarter it had 19 on the board. Cayla King drained a trey with an assist from Matilda Ekh to start off the scoring for the game in the Hokies’ favor. The running battle started as Tulane evened up the score with about 2:10 gone from the clock, and Tech had to work back to get a small bit of separation in the exchange. Tulane took the lead twice, by a point each time, but the Hokies would just get the ball in the bucket to get it back on the next play. Tech’s scoring ended with a jumper by Kitley putting the 19th point on the board. Tulane would drop in a bucket for 2 to close the scoring for the quarter with 1:47 left before the break. The quarter finished with a Kitley block and a few missed jumpers from both teams. The thing to note is that Georgia didn’t score in the 1st, at all. They went to the side for the break with Tech up 19-15.

Tech Slid a Bit in the 2nd

The 2nd Quarter started with the Lady Hokies shooting cold, and Tulane getting even at 19 by the 8:23 mark. The lid was on for the Hokies, and Tulane took the lead on some cold shooting from nearly everyone wearing white. It took until just past the 6-minute mark for the Hokies to score on a Liz Kitley jumper, but that left them 4 points behind Tulane with most of the positive offensive momentum going Tulane’s way. Olivia Summiel got aggressive with a followup on her missed 3, grabbed the offensive rebound and put it back up for 2. Carys Baker swiped the ball and fed Liz Kitley for a good jumper. They were now back to down 2, and suddenly Georgia Amoore shows up with a scoring ice breaker and ties it up 27 all with 3:10 on the clock. Tulane would grab the lead back by 2 after Tilly Ekh ended the Tech scoring for the half with two good shots from the charity stripe. It was worrisome, but not out of control. They headed into the halftime break with a 31-33 deficit and some things to correct.

The Game Stayed Close in the 3rd

The 2nd half started off with Amoore pushing the Hokies into a tie game with a 2-point jumper. That didn’t last too long, and Tulane pushed out a 6-point advantage with 2 and a half minutes gone from the quarter. Then Georgia hit from downtown, and Cayla copied her to tie it up at 39 all. Tulane took the lead back but then Georgia drained another 3 to jump into a 42-41 lead for the Hokies. Now back into a lead change exchange, the Hokies needed to catch a few breaks and keep pace. Matilda Ekh hit on a three. Tulane score 2 from the charity stripe. Liz hit a bucket from the paint, then Cayla pulled up on a fast break to drain a three with the assist from Georgia.

The Hokies found themselves up by 3 and beginning to find the positive pressure in the scoring exchange. Georgia drained another 2, and Cayla hit two free throws to close out the scoring in the 3rd quarter. Tech had the lead at 56-51 even after they made two freebies from a King foul. From that point on the Hokies stayed in the lead. Georgia made another 3 and three 2-point shots plus 3 from the charity stripe to close out the scoring for the game for the final score of 76-70 Hokies.

Important Stats to Note

Georgia Amoore

Georgia had a slow start scoring wise but was running the offense and dishing assists like she always manages to do. After breaking her scoring drought in the 2md, it took until the 3rd quarter for the clutch Point Guard to finally start connecting with the net. She would eventually end the game with a team high 24 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, and a steal. She was 3 of 8 from downtown, but that is a welcomed improvement and will get better as her shot rhythm picks up over the season. She played hard and hung in getting dinged for 3 personal fouls, which is high for Georgia. It just shows how tough the game was.

Elizabeth Kitley

Liz didn’t double-double this afternoon. She was 9-12 for 18 points from the floor. Surprisingly she didn’t get to the charity stripe for being fouled shooting. What did show up is that Liz got dinged for 4 personals and that’s really unusual. Liz did block 2 shots, and pull down 8 boards, so no one is disappointed in the least about the end results.

Olivia Summiel

Here is one of the new names that we have been looking to hear more from. Summiel is a ready bench substitute, so she expects to play significant minutes each game. Today, Summiel played a bit over half the game at 22 minutes, scored 16 points at an impressive clip of 6-9 from the floor with 3 of those being from three-point range. She made her single point free throw, pulled in 8 rebounds and blocked a shot. The refs seemed to like to dish whistles in the game, and Olivia ended up with 4 personals, but it was an absolutely solid performance that had a critical role in the game.

Cayla King

Cayla scored 11 points on three from beyond the arc, but her three-point shooting is a bit erratic of late. She made those 3 on 13 attempts. She hit her two free throws and kept her fouls down to 3 for the game. Cayla also grabbed 4 rebounds, all defensive, and stole the ball once. Most of her 38 minutes on the court looked like positioning and defense.

Matilda Ekh and Rose Micheaux

Tilly scored 5 on 6 attempts from the floor. That ended up being a critical three, and two free throws. She also dished out 3 assists. Rose scored 2, dished an assist, and pulled down 4 boards. The remainder of the bench didn’t put more than 6 minutes on the clock each, and in this tight contest that really wasn’t enough to develop much of anything statistically significant.

It was a solid effort by the top end of the team, but that is nearly playoff pressure, so it would be good to see more of those bench minutes piling up this early in the season. The Hokies are currently ranked #9 in the AP Poll, and these wins will probably change that number on Monday.

The ladies are off to Baton Rouge to play LSU on November 30th. It promises to be a real grudge match.