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Virginia Tech Hokies Dominate the Radford Highlanders: 85-40

The Lady Hokies defended the Cassell in a New River Valley matchup with the Lady Highlanders from just down the road. Most Hokies play roughly half a game, Liz Double-Doubles, and the bench gets critical time. GO HOKIES!!!

The Hokie Cheer Squad under the Student Section
John Schneider - SB Nation

There are only a few sports that our Radford good friends, neighbors, and family in which they against us. The Radford University is, like we said, part of the New River Valley family. Tech grads are often likely to be Radford grads. But like all families we do have our differences. Basketball, softball, and baseball among a few other sports supported by Radford, have always presented a local challenge. Some years are more of a challenge than others, and since the emergence of topflight Hokie Women’s Basketball, the Lady Highlanders have had a tough time of it.

Yesterday, December 10th was no exception. It did present a prime opportunity for Head Coach Kenny Brooks to empty the bench and get some quality playing time built up for his very young squad. No one was looking for the Hokies to struggle, and certainly there was the expectation of a win, but you never know, and the program is pretty inexperienced in spots so it was a good “warmup” game for everyone.

Playing Time for the Bench

The big thing to note in this contest was the amount of time anyone spent on the floor. Even the double figure scorers were limited. Georgia led the Hokies with 26 minutes total on the boards, and Liz spent 25 out there. Carleigh Wenzel came off the bench with the most for that group with 25 minutes. Tilly Ekh spent 20 minutes for her 12 points. Clara Strack nearly double-doubled (if she had just hit one of those free throws), and Carys Baker would have scored in double figures if she’d hit all of her shots from the charity stripe.

All in all, it was a busy substitution game, and a nice way to go into a week before the Hokies hit the road to play Rutgers in Piscataway, NJ next Sunday. It is exam week, and Tech has quieted down as the fall semester winds to a close and the holidays approach. It even snowed just a touch over the long dark Sunday evening.

The Hokies will be depending on “Townies” for Cassell crowds, and things are going to get a bit quiet before getting really loud.

Significant Statistics

Liz Kitley

Liz produced, for her 25 minutes on the floor, her umpteenth double-double with 6-10 from her customary inside game and 4-5 from the free-throw line. The lead the team in scoring with 16. She also pulled down 13 rebounds and dished 5 assists. On defense Liz blocked 2 shots and 8 of here boards were defensive.

Georgia Amoore

Georgia is still struggling a bit from downtown, but she’s hitting well from inside the arc, and that contributed a great deal to her 15 points. G was a perfect 2-2 from the charity stripe and dished out 3 assists. The funny thing about the stats that made me recheck was the assists and blocks between Kitley and Amoore. Maybe they decided to trade up a little bit, because Georgia stuffed three shots to Kitley’s 2, and Kitley was the one pushing out the assists. But then G really only played half a game like Liz did.

Matilda Ekh

Tilly is definitely making her presence known. She got in for exactly half a game at 20 minutes, but put up 12 points including 2 from downtown, and perfect 2-2 from the free-throw line. Ekh was 4 of 8 from the field for the day.

Carleigh Wenzel

This is a name that we are likely to see quite often in the mix. Wenzel is a real spark off the bench, she plays hard, and works for open shots. Though she didn’t have the greatest night at the charity stripe, she was efficient with her shots from the floor and even got some quarterbacking duty in with five assists. She finished her 25 minutes on the floor with 11 points, those 5 assists, 4 boards, a steal and a block.

Clara Strack and Carys Baker

Both C’s played solid games, and if it wasn’t for a little bit of carelessness from the line, both would have scored in double figures. Each of them had 9 points for their time on the court, and Clara pulled down 10 rebounds to go with her 9. Missed that double-double by “that much”.

Cayla King, Rose Micheaux, and Samaya Suffren

King scored 8, but only took 6 shots from the floor. Micheaux made 2 of her 4 total attempts for 4 points, and Suffren sunk a foul shot, but never attempted a shot from the floor.

So, it was a bench game with no one dominating everything, which is actually really good for a game of this nature. Rutgers is a Division 1 challenge, and it will be a critical test of the team to produce in someone else’s house, under duress.

Until then, there is a bit of a break. It’s quiet in Blacksburg, and Winter is peaking through the darkness.

That’s the long dark exciting road to March.