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Virginia Tech: Hokies to return top four wide receivers in 2024

Huge news out of Blacksburg.

NC State v Virginia Tech Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

The Virginia Tech Hokies are on the road recruiting while preparing for a bowl game and continuing to build the 2024 roster.

The 2024 roster received a huge boost on Tuesday when Virginia Tech’s social media team released the following tweet:

The tweet announced the returns of Virginia Tech’s top four wide receivers for 2023: Jaylin Lane, Da’Quan Felton, Ali Jennings and Stephen Gosnell.

This is massive news. Keeping all is a big feather in the cap of head coach Brent Pry and wide receivers coach Fontel Mines. Lane, Felton and Jennings all transferred to Virginia Tech last offseason. Unfortunately, Jennings was lost in Week 2 for the season after a leg injury. He scored two touchdowns in his first game for the Hokies.

Lane and Felton both proved to be difference-makers when Jennings went down. Gosnell proved to be a reliable and trusted target for quarterback Kyron Drones.

Here’s a look at their 2023 production:

  • Lane: 37 receptions, 524 yards, 14.2 YPC and 6 touchdowns
  • Felton: 38 receptions, 667 yards, 17.6 YPC and 8 touchdowns
  • Gosnell: 22 receptions, 347 yards, 15.8 YPC and 3 touchdowns
  • Jennings: 5 receptions, 72 yards, 14.4 YPC and 2 touchdowns

Virginia Tech did lose starting tight end Dae’Quan Wright to the NCAA transfer portal. Wright caught 28 passes last season but did not reach the end zone. Gosnell’s younger brother, Benji, is expected to be VT’s new starting tight end.

With so many talented receivers returning, there will likely be more attrition in that position group. Junior Da’Wain Lofton already announced he was leaving. Tucker Holloway, Ayden Greene and Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw are among the young players returning, and the Hokies will also add a talented batch of newcomers led by Keylen “Brodie” Adams and Chanz Wiggins.

Next up for Tech is retaining running back Bhayshul Tuten. There has been smoke that Tuten will return, but he hasn’t announced it yet. The Hokies have done a nice job retaining their top talent thus far, with Antwaun Powell-Ryland among those announcing they were returning next season.

While Tech has most of its weapons back for next season, the Hokies will continue working hard to address the offensive line and defensive tackle in the transfer portal.