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Virginia Tech Football News Gets Better: Mansoor Delane is Back!

#4 is back with #44 at the Corners for Virginia Tech. Mansoor Delane announces that he’s returning for the 2024 season. GO HOKIES!!!

The 4’s are back in 2024. Delane announces he’s coming back home, too.
John Schneider - SB Nation

In what has become a continuous golden tone of good news from the current roster, Cornerback Mansoor Delane has gone on Twitter/X to announce the good news for Hokie Nation. He’s coming back to play another season in the secondary.

There have been a few positions of concern for the Hokies for 2023 and 2024, and the latest from Mansoor certainly made Hokie Nation’s holiday cheer list. The graduation of Nasir Peoples at Safety has meant that the secondary was going to need to step up a few notches, and losing one or both starting star corners would have been a difficult hole to dig out of.

Well, Mansoor Delane fixed those worries and allowed the defensive coaches to spend time beefing up the depth and experience level for the Safeties.

The better news, as has been mentioned by Bryan several times, is that the Transfer Portal rules much of the recruiting effort in building a team. That effort is often expended in retaining star players. Delane’s return for 2024 begins to fill in the potential 2024 holes with solid talent.

Now the Hokie defense needs to concentrate on getting a few starting inside defensive linemen and the team really needs a true Mike Linebacker. Here’s hoping that retaining a pair of stars to play with like Delane and Strong will sweeten the pot for the talent search.

Good News is always appreciated before a bowl game.