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The Virginia Tech Hokie Football Offense for 2024 Gets Better: Bhaysul Tuten is Back!

The good news announcements keep coming from the 2023 locker room as Bhayshul Tuten announces that he’s coming back Home to the Hokies in 2024. With this, the #1 skill positions have been filled and backed up.

There are a few skill positions left that needed to be announced and with those announcements the hope that they would be notes of return. Keeping top players is a real challenge and this season the coaching staff has done a solid job of keeping the 2023 #1s that are still eligible in the Tech Locker Room.

Today, Bhayshul Tuten offered up an absolutely no doubt statement. He’s coming back to Blacksburg for 2024!

There were lots of folks in Hokie Nation who were worried that Bhayshul would head for the NFL. We’ve seen top notch #2s and even some #1 skill players head for the portal from playoff level and big bowl level teams, so the success the Hokie coaching staff has had in retaining their anticipated top roster/depth chart spots is commendable.

With Coach Mines’ Bad Boyz pulling down passes, Drones and Tuten holding up those #1s it’s now going to be the task of keeping critical #2s on the depth chart.

It sure would be nice to hear from critical players who everyone knows will be buckling up for games. Some of the players will just be coming back with no questions asked and no fanfares looked for, but the bowl and post bowl period will be important for completing the 2024 roster rebuild.

Let’s Keep Up the Positive Momentum!