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Virginia Tech Hokies Football Grabs up a Mike from the Portal: Sam Brumfield Joins the Hokies

Wow the news just keeps coming in fast and furious. I said, this weekend, that the time between the last game and the bowl game was going to be important and busy. Looks like the coaches are keeping my word. Great news! GO HOKIES!!!

Middle Tennessee v Missouri
Sam Brumfield in action in 2023
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

We all know that on the defensive side of the ball, the Hokies struggled a bit at mid-field. While he was certainly game and worked hard to fill in, Alan Tisdale was not a natural Mike. He was and is a capable outside linebacker who had to fill in and make do until the rest of the room learned how to play at a higher level. By the end of the season things were looking brighter, but the Hokies really needed a true Mike Linebacker with solid game experience to carry the torch in the middle for the team.

Well, it’s looking like Coach Marve and crew have turned up another premium portal commitment for the third Christmas present of 2023.

Sam Brumfield from MTSU has decided to follow Jaylen Lane from Middle Tennessee State to become a Hokie. Brumfield is a natural Mike. He’s big, fast and has serious snap time under his belt.

Brumfield checks in at 5’11” but a solid 226. He played all 12 games for MTSU in 2023, with 82 Tackles, 46 of which were solo. He forced 3 fumbles and is credited with 3.5 sacks and 8 quarterback hurries. Given the current 2024 roster configuration in the defensive middle, there is a no doubt factor to Brumfield’s playing potential.

There are rumors of more announcements, Bryan and I might be busy with quick hitters trying to keep up.

The news is super good, and the 2024 season is looking up from 2023.