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Virginia Tech Football: Transfer News, Grant Wells Leaves

Grant Wells is moving on. There aren’t any big announcement links, just a quick hitter from Techsideline and Andy Bitter. Coach Pry dropped a quick note in his presser, today.

Grant Wells taking practice snaps at the ODU opener on September 2nd.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Grant Wells has his degree and has decided to move on. There isn’t much in the surprise category and it does free up a critical scholarship in what has been a relatively limited recruiting class, but Coach Pry mentioned quickly that Wells was moving on from the Hokies.

The unfortunate breaks of football are often injuries, and injury outages reinforcing performance issues are doubly troublesome for the injured player. Wells had a decent enough ODU game though there were some quibbles, back and forth, Tech did win it, and Wells. After the Purdue game and the disappointing one score loss after the weather fiasco, Wells never regained the starting position and only appeared in a few games, including the last TD drive against UVA where I don’t remember him throwing a critical pass.

The reality of the situation is that Wells has been passed by in the depth chart by both Kyron Drones and Freshman Pop Watson.

During his season and 2 games with Tech, Wells came up big in the locker room, and on the practice field, but never really managed to translate that organizational success and good tidings into wins on the football field.

We do wish Grant all the best. Though, personally I haven’t a clue as to why he wants to play that one more season. He’d have been much better off moving on to a graduate assistant role somewhere. From all the reports he was a solid coach level player and maintained his Captain’s C even after he lost the starting job. Being that unselfish is an excellent coaching trait that maybe he should have pursued.

Again. Good Luck to Grant, he’s a Hokie for Life.