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It’s Post Season Accolade Time for the Virginia Tech Hokie Women’s Basketball Team

There are probably going to be more, but the Post season conference awards are a big deal for the players that win them. Virginia Tech’s Elizabeth Kitley pulls down her second ACC player of the year award, Georgia Amoore and Taylor Soule get team honors, and Tech gets ready for Selection Sunday. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Basketball: ACC Basketball Tipoff
Who could have guessed in preseaon? We could.
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The regular season has been put to bed, and before the ACC Tournament starts up, the Conference starts handing out the honors earned by players in their respective sports. The Virginia Tech Hokie women’s basketball team cleaned up some major notice for the end of this 2022/23 season.

Elizabeth Kitley

Our Center has once again earned the recognition of being the ACC Player of the Year. This big deal is even bigger because Liz was last season’s ACC Player of the Year, too.

The quote from the Athletic Department says it all: (see link for the full release)

“But not before she was awarded the final ACC Player of the Week Award for the fourth time this season.

The Summerfield, North Carolina native ranks fourth in the conference in scoring (18.78), second in field goal percentage (.569), first in rebounds (10.74), first in blocks (2.3), first in double-doubles (18) and is the only athlete in the conference to record a 20-rebound game.

She won ACC Player of the Week four times, the most of any athlete, including each of the last two weeks as she has recorded four consecutive 20-point double-doubles while shooting 60.2% from the field.

With her Player of the Year Award comes a third First Team All-ACC nod, the most in program history. Kitley was also recognized as an All-Defensive Team member for the second consecutive season. She led the conference in rebounding, defensive rebounds and blocks per game this season.

Kitley is the 20th woman in league history to be named First Team All-ACC three times.”

Of Course, Liz couldn’t end the season without nabbing her fourth ACC Player of the Week Award to go with the Player of the Year mention.

Spliced into that goes the First Team All-ACC Honors, and the All-Defensive Team honors, too!

Just in case you wanted to know she’s still gracious and humble about it all. That’s pretty difficult to do unless your feet are on the ground. Congratulations to Liz! It was a great career and future Hall of Fame Hokie... First round... no doubt. If you want to come back for that extra year that you have, we’d love to see you.

Georgia Amoore

If you honor Ms. Inside, you can’t forget her balance with Ms. Outside. Junior Point Guard Georgia Amoore, who has come a long way to play in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, played a great season, and the ACC voters noticed that and rewarded it. She’s all Hokie and no one from Virginia Tech is going to forget that triple-double for the program. She’s also won ACC Player of the Week and no Hokie anywhere doesn’t loudly announce GEORGIA AMOOOORRRE FOR THREEEEE!!!!! while flashing three fingers in a sink signal... Georgia makes the first team All-ACC for the season.

What’s even better is that ‘G’ is coming back next season. And we’re going to be there, hopefully doing the big sink three sign many more times. Congratulations Georgia! What a wonderful season. Keep putting them up and keep running the offense.

Taylor Soule

Why wasn’t Taylor Soule here, sooner? What a great pickup for Kenny Brooks and the Hokies. Soule played strong and unafraid. She could fill in for Liz when Kitley was on the bench. She would stick her nose in where few teams wanted her to stick it and come out with the ball or points, and sometimes both. Well, she’s all Hokie, now, and named to the 2nd Team All-ACC roster. First team in our book, I assure you. (We just wish the other three were for Tech, instead of that other team...)

Besides the individual honors, the Hokies were bumped up another place in the AP Poll to close out the regular season. Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball is ranked #8 to end the 2022/23 season. What’s so special about it is that they started 14th and were never unranked. It was just a really amazing year for Head Coach Kenny Brooks, his staff, and of course the players.

The ACC Tournament Looms

Tech plays on Friday after a double bye. It’s going to be a tough game because it’s either GT, Miami, or Soule’s old team, BC.

More Post Season with the NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday Watch Party at Cassell Coliseum on Sunday March 12th. And you read it right, because Tech is in the running for a regional playoff, here.

We’ll be covering.