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Hokies in the NFL Draft: Big News Chamarri is a Chief

There were only a few players from the 2023 Virginia Tech NFL draft pool that really had a solid shot at getting picked, and that list was headed by Chamarri Conner. He impressed someone because the Chiefs picked him in the 4th round. GO HOKIES!!!

The Long Wait is over and Chamarri Conner impressed someone really important. The Kansas City Chiefs have just drafted him #17 in the 4th round (119th overall).

Conner was not only a multi-year captain for his position group and the team, he was a natural leader and possesses the experience and football IQ that will be necessary to make it past the roster cuts in the NFL preseason. No NFL draft position is a guarantee of a roster spot, but the 4th round is at least a better than even shot. This is a dream and a chance of a lifetime for Chamarri.

We loved covering him. Frankly, he was one of our favorite Hokies on defense ever since he set foot on the field. The Chiefs have got a really wonderful prospect, and Conner is going to get a good long hard look.

I bet we see him on the Chiefs’ Roster for 2023.

Also, in sort of sideways Hokies in the Draft news, we all know that Hendon Hooker was drafted by the Detroit Lions. The big thing we can’t stand about it is that this Hokie was drafted as a Tennessee Volunteer. BUT we are thrilled for Hendon all the same!

And wish him all of the best from Hokie Nation, because he is, after all, a Hokie for Life.

More news to come as it happens, the final rounds go fast!