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Virginia Tech Hokies Football Season Starts this Week. ACC Media Days Launch 2023.

The NFL Preseason practices have begun to get into full swing and that means something significant for College Football. Media Days are upon us, and this week, the ACC has its slice of time with reporters and league officials. We’ll keep you up to date. Tech’s day is July 26th. GO HOKIES!!!

Brent Pry’s Entrance for the 2022 Wofford Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

An Interesting Mix of Team Leaders are Chosen.

Defensive Tackle Josh Fuga, Nick Gallo, and transfer Ali Jennings have been chosen to represent the program’s student athletes, by the coaching staff. Of course, Head Coach Brent Pry will be attending, and it will be his second ACC Kickoff.

There have been more than a few observations that none of the three presumed captains are a quarterback. That isn’t completely unusual but given the current unknown (or only suspected) depth chart conditions of the QB room, the lack of a “field general” in the representation is going to attract some attention.

The choice of representatives is very interesting, however. Josh Fuga has been a huge presence in the middle of the defensive line since the prior coaching era and has emerged as a critical leader in the 2-deep at his position (Nose Tackle). Even with two completely different coaching staffs, and a major change in techniques and emphasis, Fuga has proven himself to be a critical inside anchor who is capable of eating up two blockers and helping to shut down inside runs. It is also nice to see an interior lineman from either side represent the team at the Kickoff.

Nick Gallo might have been the most obvious choice to represent the offensive side of the ball short of a quarterback. He’s been a steady contributor both as a competent blocker and a solid receiver. He’s also a fraternal legacy that ties the team ethos together, despite the changes and trials that have beset the offense. Gallo and Fuga are both full term Hokies, recruited and committed since High School. It’s good to see them both in front of the cameras and media questions, even as banal and tepid as they tend to be for the student athletes.

The surprise addition to the normal trio, is transfer wide receiver Ali Jennings. He spent two years at West Virginia, and then another two at Old Dominion, before transferring to Tech. Jennings was the first big “get” to make his presence felt keenly in the Wide Receiver room. His appearance representing the Hokies in the big ACC opening show, means something significant. He’s obviously becoming a team leader and there are expectations that his skills will be on display this season. One thing that this move to add him to the student athlete representation does say is that this offense has been spending time and effort fixing the most broken room in the house, and Ali’s presence in the delegation is testament to the change Fontel Mines has represented to this program.

So, We Start 2023 This Week!

The Fall Roster is posted on Hokie Sports and it’s time to start cutting, sorting, and organizing the various spreadsheets. We’ll start with the high-altitude review, and then begin drilling down into each of the position groups.

No one is kidding anybody. This season is not going to be a cake walk. Coach Pry and his staff have made huge strides in regaining recruiting momentum out of high school. They’ve also scored some seriously important transfer recruits. Those future commitments are tonic, but 2023 is now, and once again the Hokies take to the field with the talent that they have in the cupboard.

Let’s start off on a positive note, and work hard to squeeze the best out of this current roster. These players have worked hard this offseason and deserve our best support. They also have earned the coaching staff’s best efforts to produce winning efforts.

It’s almost time to start Jumping. The campus is opening up as the freshmen arrive the week of August 14th.

Everyone is ready!