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Virginia Tech Hokies Football 2023 Fan Day Announced

The Hall of Fame Game is this weekend. Football practice starts, and that means the weekend before the students move in is FAN DAY! Time to meet and greet the players, see the Hokie Bird, and the cheer squad. It’s the first big public fan event of the 2023 Football season and it’s always fun. GO HOKIES!!!

One of the last plays of the 2023 Spring Game... the long wait is almost over!
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s that time of year again. Halfway through the Fall practice season it has become a big event for the local fans and even some folks who make the trip.

It used to be Fan Appreciation Day, but now it’s just Fan Day. Regardless of what it’s being called, it’s just an afternoon in the Beamer Barn getting things signed, meeting the players, visiting with the cheer squad, and hugging the Hokie Bird.

The fans love it and line up around the building several times to get a chance to visit and get names scribbled on things. (I am the proud owner of 11 mini-helmets from seasons since 2015, so I confess to being a fan.)

If you are in the area... Maybe deliver your students a bit early, it’s a fun time.

For the unaware of the academic calendar, the early birds like the Fall athletes, the bands, the Corps Cadre leaders, and the Residence Hall folks are starting their move ins. Move in week starts the 14th of August and the campus, Blacksburg, too, wake up to a new academic year and a new football season.

Several practices are going to be open to the media, so we’ll see about getting a few hours off here and there from the regular job, to go over with a camera and a notepad to take pictures and notes to share.

It’s going to be an interesting season.