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Former Virginia Tech Defensive Back Caleb Farley Struck with an Unbearable Tragedy

Words cannot be said that can do more than offer our most sincere condolences. Caleb Farley loses his father in a tragic explosion. Hokie Nation and Gobbler Country grieve for his painful loss.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Caleb Farley, Tennessee Titans defensive back and former Hokie great has tragically lost his father in a reported explosion in his home. This is such a shocking event. Caleb and his father were extremely close.

Please see this AP Article for what is known.

We at Gobbler Country offer our sincerest prayers and sympathies to Caleb. Please know that you will always be one of us. Tonight, we grieve with you.

Your friends,

Bryan, Jay, and John from Gobbler Country