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Virginia Tech Hokies Football: News and Information Before the Kickoff

Well, the QB announcement went out, so we do some updating of football news and the tune up as September 2nd is screaming in our ears. It’s now on to game prep, so the starting team is beginning to take shape. GO HOKIES!!!

All eyes are on Brent Pry and the hope of better things in 2023
John Schneider - SB Nation

We’ll post it up here again, because it’s relevant for the next post. Grant Wells has been named the starting quarterback, which wasn’t a surprise to us, here at GC. The fact that he’s been named one of the offensive captains pretty much says that the choice was made a while back and the competition was more about pushing and cajoling than it was replacement factors.

The 2023 Season Captains for the Virginia Tech Hokies are:

Offensive Captains:

Quarterback: Grant Wells

Tight End: Nick Gallo

Center: Kaden Moore

Defensive Captains:

Nose Tackle: Josh Fuga

Defensive Tackle: Norell Pollard

Defensive Back (Safety): Nasir Peoples

Special Teams Captain:

Punter: Peter Moore

These young men have much to consider and get accomplished. The designation as a captain is an honor, but it’s also a responsibility. The coaches depend on the guys with “C” on their shoulder to be leaders on the field, and also off the field for the team and their respective units. The players take it seriously, and they should be proud of their achievement.

Here’s a clip of the team room award ceremony.

Next Level Attention

It’s always important for the Seniors to get early season attention from the various all-star bowls. It sets them up for the post season tryout and practice sessions that are the Reese’s Senior Bowl, the East/West Shriner’s Bowl, and others. That Tech has four players getting this sort of attention is a good sign for them potentially making it to the NFL next season.

Let’s hope that Alan Tisdale, Da’Quan Felton, Ali Jennings, and Jaylin Lane have great seasons for the Hokies. That will get them that needed next level attention more than anything. Congratulations on the notice!

The Team Greeted the Incoming Freshman (First Year...) Class of 2027

And We Wrap this one with the traditional team picture:

We are all hoping that 2023 brings much better success for a team and a staff that worked so hard to get ready for this season.

On a Gobbler Country Centric note, we have been approved for credentials again this season, so we’ll be taking pictures on the sidelines and hopefully tweeting and commenting from the press box. I have my rain gear, second camera, knee braces, and walking shoes. It’s almost time to start looking at games through a viewfinder, again. AND brace for the jaw pounding, deafening, bone shaking Jumping in a night game entrance to start the season at home on a big note for a change.