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Brothers Mark the Virginia Tech Hokie Legacy, but 3 Pairs on the Field at One Time?

Virginia Tech is famous for family legacies on the grid iron... No one can forget the Stromans, the Edmunds, the Gallos, the Fullers... wow the list is exhausting. But there weren’t very many times when three pairs of brothers had the potential of playing on the field at one time. This season we might just see that happen. They say that Virginia Tech is Home... Well, here’s the proof. GO HOKIES!!!

Kaden (68) and Braelin Moore (61) on the Maroon Squad
John Schneider - SB Nation

Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?

No, we aren’t talking about Dan Tyminski and Union Station singing “Man of Constant Sorrows”, In fact there should be a bluegrass tune that actually is happy and positive about how fortunate family is. Think about it. As we review the depth chart and tweak the final 2023 roster there is a distinct possibility of three pairs of brothers playing their respective positions on the field at one time.

The Offense has two pairs of brothers listed in the two-deep as starters at their respective positions. The Gosnell brothers, Benji and Stephen are listed at Tight End and Wide Receiver respectively. The Moore brothers are both listed as starting interior linemen with Braelin Moore starting at Left Guard and Kaden Moore starting at Center.

If you add to that the fact that on the defensive side of the ball, the McDonald brothers have the chance to make the field together as starting DE Jorden may eventually get teamed up with twin-brother, linebacker, Jayden McDonald. Jayden didn’t make the two-deep at Mike this season, we’ll see how he fits into the active defensive scheme over the course of things but think of the interesting Hokie Bird Cool Factor if during the middle of a game some set of announcers on a telecast made mention of the fact that there are three pairs of Hokie brothers on the field for the game.

Even having two pair on the offense is pretty special. The Tech D that fielded Terrell and Tremaine Edmunds was lights out great. Let’s hope that two pairs of athletic and capable brothers can make that much of an impact on the offense and maybe that third pair shows up on defense.

Virginia Tech Hokie Football has always been a family thing. Just this season it’s really potentially special. -Note: to the Coaching Staff- Y’all need to find a way to do this!