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Major Update in Where is College Football Going: ACC Expands Coast to Coast

We thought we were just going to concentrate on football, but the world of college football is changing faster than anyone expected. The ACC Presidents and Chancellors vote to invite Stanford, UC Berkley (Cal), and Southern Methodist University to join a conference in need of a renaming.

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ACC decides to expand to 18 teams while that lasts.
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We said a while back that one of the only ways that the ACC has a shot at staying “intact” and relevant at the upper tier of college football was to merge with other programs and form the core of their own “Super” Conference.

Well. The Egghead Conference has become a reality. (subscription required for more than a few hits)

Stanford, Southern Methodist, and California, Berkley are being added at an unspecified time, but soon. We’ll start relaying details and talking about it, but for now, we have an actual football game to cover.

Seemingly in defiance of the wishes of Carolina. David Teel’s article doesn’t mention the vote count and configuration. The upshot is that the ACC expands from coast to coast and adds some serious complexity to its student-athlete travel burden - especially for non-revenue sports.

You have to wonder exactly where the Conference goes from here. Are they going to rename it since so many of the programs aren’t even remotely connected to the Atlantic Coast?

Also, the speculation is that the Grant of Rights issue will still loom, the threats of major programs leaving will still be there, especially with a potential dilution of the already at issue revenue flows.

For now, the ACC becomes a solid Tier 2 level conference with mostly middling earning programs, and too few to vote the GoR out of existence.

The brawl will continue, that’s for sure.

Now, on to more important things, like beating the stuffing out of ODU.