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Virginia Tech Hokies Trail the Rutgers Scarlet Nights at the Half: 21-3

Kyron Drones gets his first start. It was a shaky first half with some good news here and there, but turnovers hand the Scarlet Knights points, and the Tech offense is still ineffective inside the 10. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Rutgers
Drones starts Rutgers.
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

If you could paint a more perfect late summer early fall picture the Rutgers setting would be a serious candidate for a football game. That being said, Rutgers came ready to play, and Tech came ready to hope for the best.

Well, on the 2nd play of the game, on a missed exchange between Bhayshul Tuten and starting Tech QB Kyron Drones. With the ball just outside of Tech’s redzone the Scarlet Knights blew open the doors and scored the opening touchdown with a mere 33 seconds off the clock.

The game looked like a complete disaster from the first snap, but Tech managed to move the ball for a few plays before punting, and Drones began to gain some confidence. But confidence isn’t enough as Tech got into the red zone, the offense bogged down, and John Love uncharacteristically missed a field goal.

Tech’s longest drive came in the 2nd quarter as Drones managed to mix up QB runs, quick passes, and a couple of runs from Malachi Thomas to stall out inside the Rutgers 10. John Love hit the field goal this time, but the three points was as close as the Hokies would get in the 1st half at 3-7.

Rutgers scored again on a 34 yard QB run to push the Scarlet Knight lead to 11, 3-14. Tech’s attempt at a comeback drive resulted in a first play interception, and then after a miracle defensive stop, the next tech attempt bogged down forcing Peter Moore to kick from the Tech 37. The punt was not good, and ended up with Rutgers on the 50 yard line with 2:23 seconds left on the clock for the half.

Rutgers then preceded to drive the by running it down Tech’s throat, with the last of their three passes in the series resulting in a 15-yard pass interference penalty. As the clock expired, they punched the ball across the goal line, stretching the lead to 3-21.

The Scarlet Knights get the ball to start the 2nd half. The Hokie offense is struggling, and the defense is getting rapidly gassed.

We’ll see how the 2nd half goes.