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Rutgers Scarlet Knights Defeat the Virginia Tech Hokies: 35-16

It’s a wrap, and went pretty much as predicted. Hokies drop their 2nd B1G game and 2nd game of the season in a ground pounding blowout. The good news is that Kyron Drones started the game, finished it, and was responsible for a good deal of the Hokie offense.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Rutgers
As predicted Rutgers wins on Wimsatt and Monangai’s legs.
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

So the final gun fired at Rutgers’ home stadium, with the Hokies having put up 16 points against Rutgers’ 35. The defense spent less time on the field, but their poor tackling skills showed along with their problems dealing with running back keying, and backside coverage.

Rutgers star running back Kyle Monangai blasted the Hokies for 143 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground. QB Gavin Wimsett scored once on the ground and ran for 87 yards he did pass for a touchdown but passing ended up not being as important (46 total yards) as his and Monangai’s legs. With pretty formidable blocking, they racked up over 230 yards on the ground. It was just too much for the Hokie defense and the team got no closer than the 16 to 21 score that came from a nice drive led by the Hokies Kyron Drones.

The Hokies weren’t completely silent. It was actually the best offensive game that the team has had in three games. Drones led the running attack with 74 yards at a 3.9 yard per attempt clip. Bhayshul Tuten finally got a bit of traction and carried the ball 11 times for 45 total yards. Tuten also bulled his way into the endzone for a touchdown. Drones hit Da’Quan Felton for a nice touchdown pass, but all of that went into the “Tech” plays good offense for 1 ½ quarters lather rinse and repeat cycle.

As we noted in the first half summary, the Hokies did move the ball into the redzone twice in the 1st half, but just couldn’t manage more than 3 points for the work. The bright spot in this disappointing loss is that it’s now obvious that this offense works better with Drones behind center. The offensive line did a better job pass blocking than last week, and some of the roll outs and QB runs helped that. Their run blocking is still suspect and some penalties, maybe out of frustration, started cropping up as the game concluded.

It’s going to be a long season.