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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Old Dominion Monarchs: Staff Predictions

It’s nearly go time. It might be a long Saturday from wake up to kickoff, but it all starts again at 8:00 PM September 2nd. There is a whole lot to prove and even more pride on the line than usual. Hokies need to step up and be great this season. GO HOKIES!!!

Spring Game and Coach Pry acknowledges the big student section
John Schneider - SB Nation

Conditions in the Burgs

The Weather Underground is telling us that it’s going to be clear, in the low seventies by kickoff, and a negligible breeze blowing. The temps during the game are going to drop without the cloud cover so by 11:00 they are calling for the mid-sixties. It’s pretty good football weather, and certainly comfortable crowd conditions. The walk out won’t be so chilly, but not warm and muggy, either.

Tech hasn’t had fancy uniforms in years so one would assume that there will be a variation of maroon over white with maroon helmets, but we have seen white hats in the late summer, too.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the #25 gets awarded for a special teams leader of the week, and that goes to:

Free Safety and Special Teams stalwart, Nasir Peoples. Let’s see Beamer Ball back, Nasir. This team needs it.

Security Changes Again this Season

The team is trying to get folks into the stands for the entrance, early, so that there is maximum impact and so that there isn’t a mess getting into the stadium at the last minute. There are some bad tailgating habits that create some problems at the gates, and this year they’ve added metal detectors to the bag search show.

The Game is Sold Out and Even Coach Pry Noted It

So with a sold-out game, a stadium with the potential of being packed, an earthquake happening at 7:55 pm, and a rowdy 65,000+ fans singing the chorus to “Enter Sandman” a cappella we leave you with our predictions for the game.

Bryan Manning

The first game of the college football season is always an exciting time. Regardless of what our expectations are for any given season, we are all excited to have football back. And there’s nothing quite like gamedays in Blacksburg for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

I am excited about this season. I believe the Hokies will be better. How much? Well, I just don’t know. There are so many variables. The talent is definitely better. Brent Pry did a good job of flipping the roster. As for Saturday, this is a scary game. It shouldn’t be. But ODU has beaten the Hokies twice in recent years. That’s unacceptable. That’s said with no disrespect to Old Dominion and its program.

Last season, the Monarchs shocked the Hokies in the opener. VT quarterback Grant Wells had four interceptions. That’s not happening this time around. Wells will be better this time around, even connecting with former ODU receiver Ali Jennings for a touchdown. I also believe the Hokies run the ball well and cruise to a win.

Hokies 27, ODU 13

John Schneider

This has to be the toughest one of the season because, folks, we just really don’t know. I don’t have too much worry about the defense. Yes, the secondary is young, but this team has played respectable defense with young secondaries for over a decade. The Defensive line needs to get penetration. It needs to shut down the run behind the line of scrimmage, not downfield. It needs to get to the suspect ODU quarterback and make his life miserable. That will be the key to keeping the Monarchs as close to a goose egg as possible.

It’s the offense that I worry about. Last season was a disaster of tanked plays on 1st and 2nd down, miscues, mistakes, early season turnovers, suspect play calling and equally suspect execution. The offense was just not good, and the team paid dearly for it. So, all eyes are going to be on the revamped offensive line. The new two-deep full receiver corps will need to get separation, and QB Grant Wells has to cure his bad habits when he’s actually under game pressure. In the backfield, Tuten needs to dominate, and Thomas needs to stay healthy.

If those things happen, this game could be a runaway that blows the doors of the 15.5 point spread, and push the O/U into an over condition. If not, then the Hokies will still probably win, but the feelings will still be wary.

I see things happening just about where the wiseguys say, and give the Hokies the nod by two TDs but I don’t think that the teams push the O/U.

24-10 Hokies

We’ll have the wraps during the game coming from Bryan, and I’ll be on the field with the camera. Pictures to follow on Tuesday in the View from the Sidelines piece. I’ll also have my game review up by Monday with some choice pics.