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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Marshall Thundering Herd: News, Tidbits, and Predictions

Time for the staff to tell you how they think that it’s going to go, and some news items to go along with them. GO HOKIES!!!

It was a game of lots of hope...
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s Looking Like Ut Prosim is a New Player?

A little hype vid to get the blood flowing.

There was some action highlighted for the @HokiesFB followers on some of the big plays by Hokies in the NFL.

Josh Fuga has something to say to Hokie Nation, so we figured it’d be a good time for CG readers to see this and take heart.

Who is Wearing the #25 This Week?

Linebacker Will Johnson gets earns the privilege of wearing the #25 this weekend.

Time for Predictions (Ugh)

Bryan Manning

Earlier in the week, I dreaded this. As the week has worn on, I am feeling a bit more optimistic. How optimistic? Well, that’s to be determined.

Marshall has the offensive line and running back to give Tech’s struggling run defense some problems. As we’ve detailed so often, run fits from the linebackers have been a major issue. I would expect Brent Pry to shake things up there. The defensive line hasn’t been terrible, but they wear out late in games, which happens when your offense struggles.

I like that Kyron Drones will be back under center. I thought he did some positive things last week and would love to see him get some extended time. If Jaylin Lane plays, I like the Hokies being able to score some points on offense. Drones’ legs will help the running game, freeing up some room for Bhayshul Tuten, while Lane and Quan Felton make plays in the passing game. I want to see tight end Dae’Quan Wright and Benji Gosnell more involved in the passing game.

My final prediction: Virginia Tech 24, Marshall 20

John Schneider

Nope I’m not going to be negative about this. But yes, realistic. It looks like Kyron Drones will be the QB, again. That’s a good thing. Josh Fuga is pushing hard to lead the defense back to some level of quality. That’s another good thing. Both players are accepting the burdens of getting on the field and leading this team back to relevance. What I worry about is desire and hard work are often not rewarded with more than the feeling that you did your best, but it just wasn’t good enough. They say that’s redeeming. I say it’s disappointing and indicative of the need for more focus and harder work in the future.

Predictions are supposed to be where we come to some logical conclusions about the team’s chances of a win, and the possible score. Last week I came depressingly close to hitting it. This week I want so much to be wrong that I can taste it. There is something telling me that there is a misconnect going on somewhere in the grander scheme of things, and this team just doesn’t have enough of enough pulling in the same direction to fill all the holes. It might be a close game this time, but there are just too many missing pieces, and patched together plans that I can’t see Tech pulling this one off. I want so much to be wrong.

24-17 Herd

There is no doubt, this is a must win game with this team behind the proverbial 8-ball, sticks, power curve, etc. Whatever it is going somewhere, this team is behind on it.

Let’s hope for a win.