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Virginia Tech Hokie Football Mid-Week News Roundup

Looking at the football news and announcements. Some good news meets some really disappointing news about a key player. Let’s check in and do rounds. GO HOKIES!!!!

One of Ali Jennings catches... and runs after.
John Schneider - SB Nation

First Let’s Get Some Good News Up Front

The team recognized the players of the game for each team. John Love was perfect for the evening, hitting every PAT (4) and two field goals. Ali Jennings had five catches for 72 yards but most importantly that included two beautiful touchdowns. Transfer Antwan Powell-Ryland grabbed the defensive honors with six tackles, four of which were solo, and two were QB sacks.

Just so you know, the first pass on this composite from Hokie Sports is the cover picture...

A Return to Sacksburg

The Defensive line managed to get a good deal of pressure on Grant Wilson, yes, there were a few linebacker fit issues, and a tendency to leave the blind side wide open allowing him several runs that should have been shut down, but overall the Monarchs scored a grand total of 17 points. The Hokies more than covered the spread and the game went to the over side of the O/U. Part of that was critical heavy pressure when ODU was deep in their own end.

Now we have to address the disappointing news. There was no ‘X’/Twitter hit for it, but the coach announced, today, that Tight End Nick Gallo is out for the season with a necessary surgery. He will remain a captain and continue to contribute what he can from the sidelines, but Nick’s fifth season is over. Now, he does have a redshirt available to him because he never did redshirt as a freshman, so that option is open should he decide to play in 2024. We’ll see, he might be tired of degrees and school. We wish him health and a speedy recovery so that he can resume whatever he chooses to pursue.

As Always!