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Georgia Amoore Attracts Some Serious National Attention and Other News

Georgia Amoore gets national recognition along with ACC plaudits for Player of the Week. The team steps up 2 to #17 in the AP Poll from Monday. It was a great week for the women’s basketball team. GO HOKIES!!!

Georgia Amoore prepares to take it past a Yellow Jacket
John Schneider - SB Nation

AP! Wow, Sports Writers Have Finally Noticed Someone ELSE

And she’s our Hokie Superstar Point Guard, Georgia Amoore.

Not only the national notice, but G also made ACC Player of the Week, again.

The Stats Folks at Hokie Sports want you all to know, why she’s been noticed at higher levels.

Georgia’s last two games, and the phenomenal totals that she accrued came after a very scary double hit to the face and head when going for a loose ball at Duke. The team struggled in that game, after she left the floor, and had to work together to overcome the letdown of not having her on the starting roster for the next win against Clemson.

But that all just made the team stronger. The other players stepped up and proved, to themselves mostly, that they could win when their starting floor general was out. So, when G came back the play of the team was so elevated that it put away Georgia Tech and Syracuse (in ‘Cuse’s house with Liz a defensive target).

It’s great to see, and even better that Georgia is back on the court, healthy and putting up nationally recognized stats.

BTW: Tech inches back up in the AP Poll to #17. With the quality of the win in Syracuse it probably deserved to be higher, but it’s good news for the week.

Wahoos on Thursday at 6:00 PM. Be there. Aloha!