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The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Specialists

The reviews are nearly complete. Bryan will have the Defensive Backs out and that means John gets the Specialists. There are three specialist positions, and lots of competition for two. Nobody much thinks about them until they are the "reason" for an outcome. It’s quietly one of the most important squads on the team. GO HOKIES!!!

Former Virginia Tech star Wyatt Teller is one of the NFL’s top 100 players

Wyatt Teller played at Virginia Tech from 2013-17.

Virginia Tech football 2022 roster preview: Linebacker

There’s a good mix of veterans and talented youngsters at linebacker for the Hokies.

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey: Episode 2 Talking Roster, College Football and Virginia Tech Hokies

With Jay on the road, Bryan and John visit some roster and coaching realities, talk about not talking about the college football realignment thing. It’s Fan Day tomorrow, and it’s a good time for everyone to catch up with impressions of the first full week back. Listen in... GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Hokies announce complete details for 2022 fan day

Want to meet your favorite Hokie?

Virginia Tech football: Brent Pry expected to name a starting quarterback soon

Grant Wells remains the favorite.

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Receivers

Grant Wells has a reputation as a gunslinger. That means that if he starts, he’s going to need targets. We take a look at the Hokie receiving corps to see if the passing game is going to have some shake it loose, sticky fingered ball catchers. It’s time for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends to be used for a change, don’t you think? GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football hires WDBJ-7 sports director Travis Wells as assistant AD for strategic communications

Wells is a two-time Virginia sportscaster of the year.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies land Canadian pass rusher

Ishmael Findlayter is an intriguing prospect for the Hokies.

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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey is BACK!

Well folks, we are back and talking again! It’s been a bit over a year, and Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey is back on the air and jawing about Virginia Tech Sports. This episode Bryan, Jay, and John get welcomed back into the mix, and start up with a first review of football. Tune in and listen. GO HOKIES!!!

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Defensive Line

This season will be all about what goes on in the trenches. We saw some interesting new developments in the Offensive Line, and now it’s time to cross the LOS to look at the all-important Defensive setup.

Virginia Tech football 2022 roster preview: Offensive line

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding new OL coach Joe Rudolph

Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Season Preview, Part 3

Virginia Tech will need to find wins during the final third of their season if they hope to earn a bowl berth.

Virginia Tech football: Brent Pry talks the first practice, a position change and more

Pry is pleased with offense’s retention from spring to now.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies begin fall camp

We are getting close.

Virginia Tech Hokies Defense Ranked in ESPN’s All-Time Greats

That 2007 Hokie defense was something else.

Virginia Tech Hokie Football Pre-Season Starts with New and Old Faces

It’s finally August, and that means the football preseason is launched and underway. The team is back in the Beamer Barn, Fan Day is scheduled, and Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey is back to yakin’ about sports. It’s exciting times, in Blacksburg, again. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech basketball: Jaydon Young commits to the Hokies 2023 class

Young is Virginia Tech’s second commitment for the class of 2023.

Virginia Tech basketball: Hokies announce 2021-22 non-conference schedule

We now know Virginia Tech’s schedule for November and December.

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Running Backs

It’s time to take a trip deeper into the backfield and look at a position that Virginia Tech just hasn’t been able to re-establish since David Wilson departed after 2011, Running Back. The roster list is small, and that might actually be a good thing. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Season Preview, Part 2

Let’s take a look at the nightmarish four game stretch the Virginia Tech Hokies will face during the middle of their 2022 season.

Virginia Tech football: Where are the Hokies in the ACC Football Preseason Poll?

They aren’t too high on Brent Pry and the Hokies.

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Quarterbacks

We start the Roster Review series with the Quarterbacks. We also take a look at those coaches, and the entirely new world that we find ourselves in. Read up, take the poll and comment. This is like 2017 all over again. We just don’t know who is #1, yet.

Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Season Preview, Part 1

We take a look at the first four games of the season and how things could play out during Brent Pry’s initial push as the Hokies’ new head coach.

Virginia Tech football: Cam Fleming commits to the Hokies

Hokies land a gem in Cam Fleming.

ACC commissioner Jim Phillips: ‘Everything is on the table’

ACC commissioner Jim Phillips discussed TV contracts, expansions, partnerships and more.

Virginia Tech football: Krystian Williams commits to the Hokies

Williams is another talented kid from the state of Virginia.

2022 ACC Pre-Season Football Rankings

Let’s take a look at the ACC before the season starts!

Where College Football is Now and Where it Goes in the Future: Spitballing 2025 and Beyond

Look, no one knows exactly what’s going to happen. We don’t even think that the people taking the decisions really know. We just know that the NCAA FBS Conferences are undergoing a massive change, and collegiate sports are never going to be the same. Let’s wrap this all up with a Tech and ACC angle and get ready for what is likely to be the last season of FBS Football as was know it. GO HOKIES!!!

2022 MLB draft: Former Virginia Tech star Gavin Cross goes No. 9 overall to the Kansas City Royals

Cross is the highest draft pick in Virginia Tech history.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies announce multiple staff support additions and changes

Brent Pry continues to make positive changes for the Hokies.

Virginia Tech basketball: Hokies land commitment from son of pro wrestling legend

Brandon Rechsteiner happens to be an outstanding player.