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Virginia Tech Hokies Leave the Longwood Lancers in the Dust of the Cassell: 89-28

There are times when you just wonder why some games aren’t just stopped to save some form of face. Longwood came to Cassell looking to do something big or at least show up well. The Virginia Tech Hokies weren’t having it on Sunday. GO HOKIES!!!

#11 Virginia Tech Hokies Roll Past Mizzou on the Road to Thanksgiving: 73-57

We took a bit of a Thanksgiving break but didn’t forget the Hokies were on the road in the Bahamas playing some basketball... and winning. The women’s team cleaned up and headed back with big wins over SEC teams by blowing past Missouri to end up 5-0 to start the 2022/2023 season.

#11 Virginia Tech Hokies Down the Kentucky Wildcats in the Bahamas: 82-74

The Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Team is playing a Tournament in the Bahamas and arguably facing their first peer foes. SEC Kentucky was up first, and the Lady Hokies took them down leading wire to wire. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Liberty Flames: Good, Bad, and Ugly for a Dangling Participle of a Win

Well, how about that? To quote Pittsburgh Dad... 3... 2... 1... WIN! The Hokies tote a W back west on US460 and salvage just a tiny shred of some sort of dignity for the season with an ironic 1-point win over Liberty. Let’s look at some of the good, bad, and ugly stuff for this one - which might be the last game of 2022. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech vs. Liberty: Gobbler Country’s staff predictions

Another long Saturday predicted for the Hokies.

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Phases Out Football and Concentrates on Winter Sports

Jay and John talk the Liberty game and then move on to better topics, like Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and the Wrestlers. The Hokies are starting to shine in the Winter sports arenas. So listen in... take the poll and GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Women's Basketball Runs Away from South Carolina - Upstate: 79-24

Kenny Brooks got a chance to clear the bench and get lots of time for the players who often don’t get a shot at playing much. Tech still accelerates away from the Spartans. GO HOKIES!!!

Our Sorrows are Real, and Our Hearts are Heavy for the University of Virginia

There aren’t many words that can salve the pain the Virginia community is encountering, today. We here at Gobbler Country offer our condolences and offer our most sincere hopes for healing.

Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Downs Bucknell: 67-41

The 2022 warmup games for both basketball squads have been slow start accelerate away efforts. The Hokie Women’s Basketball team took on Bucknell on Friday, and eventually buried them. Lots of stats, and a solid win for a 2-0 start. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Trail the Duke Blue Devils at the Half: 10-7

It’s been a defensive game with the Hokie D bending but not breaking much, and the Duke D playing shutdown except for a deep strike. Mansoor Delane has a great half. GO HOKIES!!!