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Member NSMA (National Sports Media Association) Baby Boomer Fighting Gobbler turned Old Hokie 40-year computer professional with a love of writing, football, baseball, and all things Virginia Tech

The Gobbler Country Summer Series and a Revisit of CFB Merger Madness

Gobbler Country opens its summer doors, puts up the umbrella and pours a libation out for a quiet Blacksburg Summer. We look at the Hokie Football program with four deep dives into various issues with the program and intersperse them with a revisit of the churn going on in college football. Take the poll, we have a long summer and lots to talk about. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Name the 2023 Hokie Hall of Fame Inductees

Every year there are a few more former Virginia Tech athletes added to the Hall of Fame for the Hokies. Well some of them are Hokies, this year there’s another Fighting Gobbler to be recognized. Congratulations to these Virginia Tech sports stars! GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Baseball Season Ends

With bull pen pitching fading for the season, the Hokies’ only chance for more post season play was to win against BC for a chance to play Clemson. It didn’t happen. Hokies drop both games. 30 wins is nothing to dismiss for a young quad. Next Season! GO HOKIES!!!

Hokies Get a Miracle, Win One in Winston-Salem: Split the Series with #1 Wake 1-2, Make the ACC Tourney

Some weekends have been better than others for Hokie Baseball. This weekend the weather held, the effort was solid, and the Hokies avoided elimination from the ACC post season and closed the regular season with a win. GO HOKIES!!!!

The Weather Wins, Again, for Hokie Baseball

The weather in the mountain valleys of western Virginia was stormy and too variable to play the final game in Harrisonburg, against JMU. The cancellation is typical of Tech’s weather luck for the 2023 season and ends the non-conference season in what seems to be a big win for nature. ACC hopes hang on that one game. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies are Swept by Clemson as Post Season Hopes Fade Away

There are four games left, one non-conference and a series at Wake... Hokies needed to win at least 2 for a chance to make the top 12 for the ACC. It just wasn’t meant to be this season. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies win 3 in Their Last Non-Conference Homestand

The Hokies had to break out the hustle on Wednesday. The Hammers and Pitching dominated on Saturday. Mother Nature dominated on Tuesday and Sunday, though. Hokies go 3 of 5 with the thunder and the clock winning the first and final games. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Take on the UNC Tar Heels in a Critical ACC Series: Lose the Series 1-2

The weather is a factor, again, in a major ACC series for the Baseball Hokies. Friday’s game was played early to get it in between rainstorms, and Tech won in a shutout. Double headers have not been kind to the Hokies this season, and without Jack Hurley their offense is misfiring, but pitching is the big headache; it’s brutally inconsistent. GO HOKIES!!!

Hokies in the NFL Draft: Big News Chamarri is a Chief

There were only a few players from the 2023 Virginia Tech NFL draft pool that really had a solid shot at getting picked, and that list was headed by Chamarri Conner. He impressed someone because the Chiefs picked him in the 4th round. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Win “Weird” in the Strangest Game of the Season over JMU: 7-5

There are lots of ways to win or lose a baseball game, and Tuesday night’s non-conference contest with the James Madison Dukes was best described as "winning weird". Hokies come from a behind they shouldn’t have been to win by two runs on a 4 run inning on a single hit. GO HOKIES!!!!