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Virginia Tech Hokies Come Back to Tie Purdue: 17-17

The rain delay made a mess of everything, and maybe got the Tech players a chance to figure out that they were in serious trouble. Because after a slow start Tech comes back to tie Purdue at the half. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Purdue Boilermakers: Tidbits and Staff Predictions

Tomorrow at noon, there will be thunder and lightning in Lane. Will that be nature or the team and the crowd? Let’s see, we’ll still show the prep information and our predictions, but wow is the weather looking bad. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Purdue Boilermakers: Preview

It’s a noon game on Saturday as the Boilermakers of Purdue come to Lane for an early Saturday contest between the B1G and ACC. The weather isn’t looking too good. The teams are very evenly matched, and the odds are close. Take the Poll. Let’s talk about it, first, though. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Announces Their Fall Non-Conference Schedule

With all of the football excitement, let’s not forget that Liz, Cayla, and Georgia are going to be back at it starting in the first week of November. It’s going to be an exciting season, and the non-conference schedule that was announced, today, has some huge challenges. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Football Mid-Week News Roundup

Looking at the football news and announcements. Some good news meets some really disappointing news about a key player. Let’s check in and do rounds. GO HOKIES!!!!

A View from the Sidelines: 2023 Season Hokie Football Season Starts! ODU visits Lane

No one was particularly sure of what was going to happen this season. The one thing that we can be sure of is that Hokie Nation showed up big on a prime-time broadcast and a potentially shaky team found itself on the good end of a big win. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Old Dominion Monarchs: Staff Predictions

It’s nearly go time. It might be a long Saturday from wake up to kickoff, but it all starts again at 8:00 PM September 2nd. There is a whole lot to prove and even more pride on the line than usual. Hokies need to step up and be great this season. GO HOKIES!!!

Major Update in Where is College Football Going: ACC Expands Coast to Coast

We thought we were just going to concentrate on football, but the world of college football is changing faster than anyone expected. The ACC Presidents and Chancellors vote to invite Stanford, UC Berkley (Cal), and Southern Methodist University to join a conference in need of a renaming.

Virginia Tech Hokies Depth Chart Review: Specialists

There will be the rolling eyes, and the who cares crowd more excited about the offense or defense from most fan bases, but Hokies are still believers in Beamer Ball, and the specialist positions actually mean something in this program. GO HOKIES!!!

Brothers Mark the Virginia Tech Hokie Legacy, but 3 Pairs on the Field at One Time?

Virginia Tech is famous for family legacies on the grid iron... No one can forget the Stromans, the Edmunds, the Gallos, the Fullers... wow the list is exhausting. But there weren’t very many times when three pairs of brothers had the potential of playing on the field at one time. This season we might just see that happen. They say that Virginia Tech is Home... Well, here’s the proof. GO HOKIES!!!