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Our Sorrows are Real, and Our Hearts are Heavy for the University of Virginia

There aren’t many words that can salve the pain the Virginia community is encountering, today. We here at Gobbler Country offer our condolences and offer our most sincere hopes for healing.

Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Downs Bucknell: 67-41

The 2022 warmup games for both basketball squads have been slow start accelerate away efforts. The Hokie Women’s Basketball team took on Bucknell on Friday, and eventually buried them. Lots of stats, and a solid win for a 2-0 start. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Trail the Duke Blue Devils at the Half: 10-7

It’s been a defensive game with the Hokie D bending but not breaking much, and the Duke D playing shutdown except for a deep strike. Mansoor Delane has a great half. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech vs. Duke staff predictions: Can Hokies break a six-game losing streak?

This is a battle of first-year head coaches. Both are defensive minded, but one seems to have found an offense. It’s not the Hokies’ HC, that’s plain. The staff puts out their predictions. No excessive sanguinity, either. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey and Some Winning Things: Basketball, Wrestling, Then-Football Predictions

Both Basketball seasons opened, and the grapplers start in for the winter season. Jay, Bryan, and John jump in to talk about winning teams, and then give their summary and predictions for the Duke football game. Time to switch sports and schedule. GO HOKIES!!!

#13 Virginia Tech Hokie Women’s Basketball Opens the 2022/23 Season Huge

This season we are covering both basketball teams and both seasons opened big in the Cassell. The women tipped off and a bit after 5 and had a scoring fest. It was a touch of the first day jitters and then no looking back. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Gobbler Country Staff Predictions

Well, it’s time for predictions and maybe a ray of sunshine in the expected gloom for Saturday. We are unlikely to be on the field since no one wants to drown a $400 camera. We’ll see about the view from the stands with the little camera. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Quick Blitzes NC State and Then Discusses the Georgia Tech Game

The Hokies host the Yellow Jackets in the opener of the final four games of the season. Tech has a chance to win this game... groan... Which one is nearly a push as far as the odds makers are concerned. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

The Virginia Tech Hokies as the Final Third of 2022 Begins

As promised, it’s time to look at the risk chart and schedule ahead for the final third of the season. In the pre-season it was predicted to be the easy part of the schedule. Pre-season predictions are written on rice paper and dragged around through the rain. Tech’s got a rough road ahead. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina State Wolfpack: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Another G,B,and U where it might as well be ugly, uglier, and ugliest. The trajectory of this team is up, right? I mean that’s what we keep hearing... we’re getting better. We expected to lose this and nearly won, right? Right... sure... whatever. Let’s go over this without plowing Bryan’s ground. But that might not be possible. Let’s try. GO HOKIES!!!!