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Virginia Tech Hokies Roster Review: Offensive Line

They always say start with the hardest article first, or is it do all of the easy questions first... and come back to the stumpers? Well, in any case, we start the deep dives with what is arguably the least known and thinnest of the squads, the Offensive Line. Read and take the poll. The season might very well hinge on how this roster rises to the occasion. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie 2023 Roster Review: The Big Picture

Bryan and John begin the roster breakdowns with their observations of the big picture before drilling down into the squad detail. It’s going to be a challenging season for this revamped 2nd year staff, and veteran team. Lots of changes in the future, but 2023 is now. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Football Season Starts this Week. ACC Media Days Launch 2023.

The NFL Preseason practices have begun to get into full swing and that means something significant for College Football. Media Days are upon us, and this week, the ACC has its slice of time with reporters and league officials. We’ll keep you up to date. Tech’s day is July 26th. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Coach Kenny Brooks’s Contract Extended

Kenny Brooks might be coaching when no one else is around to remember when someone else was the coach of women’s basketball. Whit Babcock extends Brooks’s contract until 2029. Kenny’s staying right here where he belongs, at home. GO HOKIES!!!

The Disintegrating Bench Problem is Fueled by the Portal and Early Outs: What to Do?

College sports have become a huge business over the last 20 years, and the advent of the Transfer Portal and NIL have added to the immense pressures on coaching staffs just to keep a team together long enough to win consistently. Let’s talk, because the solutions and attitudes are both difficult to comprehend. GO HOKIES!!!

Two More Virginia Tech Hokies Head to the Minor Leagues: Brady Kirtner and Carson Jones

Local Christiansburg High baseball star, Brady Kirtner, foregoes his remaining eligibility to try his luck in the minors. Carson Jones leaves his COVID season grant on the table to head to the Mariners farm system. Good Luck to both. We are certainly going to miss you. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Baseball Players Dafted: Hackenberg, Hurley, and Worley are Leaving for the Minors

It’s the MLB (really Minor League Baseball) draft, and the Hokies have lost three 2024 eligible Outfielder Jack Hurley, and Reliever Christian Worley are headed for the minors and a chance to compete for the big bucks. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies 2023 Football Season Risk Analysis

It’s July and that means we open the books and look at the schedule from a risk analysis standpoint. How are the Hokies going to do. Let’s set the baseline so that we can check back after the 4th and 8th games to see how we did. Take the poll.

The CFB Merger Madness and the Virginia Tech Hokie Transition: Conclusions and Questions

Look, most folks have admitted that they really don’t know what’s going to happen. But we do have some ideas. Merger Madness will eventually cross paths with the Hokie Transition process. Let’s just look at it and do some fun speculating. GO HOKIES!!!!

Hokie Football in Transition: Dealing with Talent, Winning, and Merger Attractiveness

So, we zigged to the status of the ACC, and now we zag back to how Virginia Tech fits in. We’ve seen some recruiting happiness, but that’s 2025 stuff. We have to do better, now, not then. Merger madness is proceeding, and poor quality will get Tech left out. What to do, kiddies? What to do? GO HOKIES!!!