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Hokie Heroes

Brothers Mark the Virginia Tech Hokie Legacy, but 3 Pairs on the Field at One Time?

Virginia Tech is famous for family legacies on the grid iron... No one can forget the Stromans, the Edmunds, the Gallos, the Fullers... wow the list is exhausting. But there weren’t very many times when three pairs of brothers had the potential of playing on the field at one time. This season we might just see that happen. They say that Virginia Tech is Home... Well, here’s the proof. GO HOKIES!!!

Former Virginia Tech Defensive Back Caleb Farley Struck with an Unbearable Tragedy

Words cannot be said that can do more than offer our most sincere condolences. Caleb Farley loses his father in a tragic explosion. Hokie Nation and Gobbler Country grieve for his painful loss.

The Disintegrating Bench Problem is Fueled by the Portal and Early Outs: What to Do?

College sports have become a huge business over the last 20 years, and the advent of the Transfer Portal and NIL have added to the immense pressures on coaching staffs just to keep a team together long enough to win consistently. Let’s talk, because the solutions and attitudes are both difficult to comprehend. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Name the 2023 Hokie Hall of Fame Inductees

Every year there are a few more former Virginia Tech athletes added to the Hall of Fame for the Hokies. Well some of them are Hokies, this year there’s another Fighting Gobbler to be recognized. Congratulations to these Virginia Tech sports stars! GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Sports Roundup: 3rd Edition - Part 2

So, let’s go over some of the other Hokie Sports going on. We highlight some of the great performances by the women in the ACC Track Tournament. The Women’s Basketball team had a setback against Carolina. The Wrestlers did well but came in 2nd in the ACC Toruney... Lots of qualifiers for the NCAA Tournament though. And more news as we see it.

Virginia Tech Hokie Sports Roundup: 3rd Edition: ACC Men’s Indoor Track Champs!

There is a big reason to celebrate this weekend. It’s not the unfortunately COVID bite on the Softball team’s schedule. The Men’s Indoor Track Season has been a good one, and this weekend it again grabbed an ACC Championship.

Virginia Tech Hokie Sports Round-Up: 1st Edition for 2021

It’s been a while, so it’s time to restart the Hokie non-revenue sport roundup. Normally this is a Jay operation, but he’s out defending the country, and we still need to report on as many Hokie Athletic events as we can. SO LET’S GO HOKIES!!!

Hokie Fall Sports are Training Up, and Preparing for their Seasons

Virginia Tech students are on campus. The Corps of Cadets is starting their Cadre and the sports teams, led by the football team are practicing. Tech is designing things to make player safety work, and the school is capable of testing 1000 students a day. It seems that Hokies are not too keen on being beaten by a virus.

Never Forget

It’s windy, cool, and sunny in Blacksburg, today. It’s also stunningly quiet. There are no students, here, to remember the tragic events of April 16. Every Hokie is here in spirit, though. We Are Virginia Tech. We shall never forget.

Gobbler Country Hokie News Roundup for the End of February

There are lots of things going on in the Virginia Tech sports world. Wrestling is now in tournament mode, waiting. The Women’s basketball team is reaching the regular season end with the penultimate game tonight vs. Duke. Football Spring Practice is rapidly approaching. And MORE! GO HOKIES!!!

Hokies Let’s Tell Bud Foster How We Feel About His Defense!

There’s one more bowl game left. Be on the alert for the new Basketball Tee coming soon. There is still time to order our Tee honoring our original Lunch Pail carrying coach. Here’s your chance to make a unique statement with a quality Tee Shirt from BreakingT.

The 1999 Virginia Tech Hokies: A Reflection on the Events of 20 Years Ago

Friday Night is going to be busy with the camera. I might not even get a break at halftime and I sure would like to have a second body for a wide angle lens. Virginia Tech is honoring the 1999 Undefeated National Championship Game team. That was 20 years ago! And still special. GO HOKIES!!!

Hokie Sports News Roundup 2019 Week 1

There is news and information about the sports programs, our first edition for 2019 will concentrate on Football because there are some issues. Soccer is also starting up so we’ll give you a taste of what’s going on there.

Virginia Tech football: 85 days til kickoff and we today we profile Tommy Marvin

Marvin was an outstanding receiver in the early 1960s.

Fourteen Hokies Qualify for the NCAA Track and Field Finals in Austin, TX

There is one sport going on in the NCAA, it’s just one of those odd one’s like the baseball and softball finals where the events stretch way past the school year. In the case of the Track and Field events, that pushes into the first week of June. Fourteen Hokies are headed to Austin.

Virginia Tech Hokie Sports Roundup for the Final Week of the Semester.

There were a few disappointments, not everything is wrapped up, but the Track and Field team triumphs again, and Cole Beck is looking like the fastest NCAA running back in History? We’ll see as we take a look on this cool damp Mother’s Day evening.

Diamond Hokies Turning It Around

There isn’t too much argument over the past few seasons of both the softball and baseball teams. This season we are seeing the effects of some major changes, some solid recruiting, and a new coaching setup. The Hokie Softball is ranked 21/20, it’s keeping opponents off the bags, and it’s scoring. The Baseball Team has a winning record for the first time in years, and is looking to finish strong. GO HOKIES!!!!

We Remember. We Are Virginia Tech!

12 years and our memories are clear. Ut Prosim. We are Virginia Tech.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Round Up #33-1

Getting ready for the Spring Football season to wrap up, the Coaches speak for the top 25 Basketball Poll for the season, and the campus gets ready for the Spring Game which might be the Spring swim if the weather reports hold.

Hokies Get Their First National Champion Wrestler: Mekhi Lewis for all the 165lb Marbles

We don’t usually report directly on wrestling. It’s a really important part of our Winter Sports Roundups, and we are really proud of our nationally ranked Hokie wrestlers. Now Mekhi Lewis wraps a gold medal season with a national championship so he’s going to get some attention. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #23-2

It’s almost the start of the new semester. Notre Dame’s women visited Cassell and came away with a big win. Wrestling is churning along at #13, and we have a Hokie setting a World Record in the 300m Indoor.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #20-1

Well we are waiting patiently for Monday morning and the drive to Annapolis to attend the bowl festivities and the bowl game. It’s going to be a long day. It’s been a long time for any interesting news, that’s for sure. The holidays are taking a serious bite out of our subject matter. There are some interesting goings on, though.

Happy Holidays from the Gobbler Country Staff!

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #18-2

Boring... raining... first day of Winter... shortest daylight of the year. Tick Tick Tick... the clock is winding out so I can move it from one wall to another, never realized it took so long. Hokies are marking time and practicing. The Women’s Basketball team is tearing it up, and Someone made the Pro Bowl.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #18-1

It’s week 18 of the 2018 - 2019 season/school year. It’s really amazing to see time flying by. The Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams are doing well. The men just played a dominant game in front of a happy crowd of locals and left over students. The wrestling team dominated, and the longest week of the year trudges slowly by.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #17-1

It’s pretty quiet in Blacksburg. It snowed almost a foot and a half on Sunday. The campus opened at 1:00 this afternoon. And the Basketball team rolls on. Rankings are out. And the quiet desperation of exam week proceeds to its conclusion.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #16-1

It’s Monday and we go into total football quiet mode after the big announcement. All players have off except for the gym and weight rooms. But there is some news. Frank is finally inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, and some quiet while exam week looms for the student body.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #15-1

Hokies have a few things other than scrambling around dealing with the new Marshall Game on Saturday. The Men’s Soccer team finally ended its run. Two coaches hit 50. Ranked Wrestlers ahead of the ACC Championships. Lots more.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #14-2

The Football Team has an early Thanksgiving with Teammates and family. There are 4 signees for the basketball team, the Women’s Hoops Bunch puts up a bunch on Chattanooga, and Ricky is #25 for Senior Day.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #14-1

It’s Monday and time for the weekly sports roundup. Sweet 16 for Men’s Soccer, and a Tournament win for the Basketball team, along with other goings on.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #13-3

A few more things for this evening. Men’s Basketball nabs a win. Tremaine shows up for a visit, and the uniform of the day.

Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #13-2

There aren’t any real scores to report on, but there are some big things happening today. Signings, signings, and more.


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