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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie News Evening Round Up #8-2

It’s time for a trip around the Hokie Sports community for October 9th.

Gobbler Country’s: Hokie News Evening Round Up #8-1

Taking a quick look around the Hokie Sports scene for the weekend. It seems that bum luck follows the entire sports program around. When one loses the all drop. Volleyball, Soccer, and even exhibition baseball flag for Columbus Day Weekend.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokies Evening News Roundup #5-5

Tough ACC Starts for Volleyball, and Women’s Soccer. The men’s soccer team drops a really close tough one to NC State. Some football things to catch up on, and the uniform of the day. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #5-3

The football team is getting ready for a road trip to Norfolk, and the Men’s Soccer team gets ranked. The sun is out in Blacksburg, and things are drying out a bit. We take a tour of the Wednesday sports world from the New River Valley.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #4-2

Well the world suddenly went quiet on the football front, but that hasn’t stopped the men’s soccer team, and volleyball from both notching convincing wins.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3-2

It is really quiet. Tomorrow the Men’s Soccer Team goes to Hooville for the first Hokie Wahoo contest of the season. There are some goings on and comments on football issues. But Blacksburg is really quiet today. Good time to prepare. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Ranked 14 by the Coaches and 12 by the AP Media

Wow what a difference a week and a big game makes! The polls are out and the Hokies stepped up three notches in the Coaches’ Poll, and a whopping 8 in the AP Poll

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Florida State: Q&A with Tomahawk Nation

Joshua asks Dylan Kidd some questions about the Florida State game and the elephant in the room for the season; their big transition from Jimbo Fisher to Willie Taggart. This should be interesting.

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #2-3

It’s a very quiet Wednesday, here in B’burg. The only Hokie sporting event on the schedule is the big women’s soccer match with Alabama, tomorrow. The big news is coming from football with the roster, and some scenes from the Baseball camp start. Sometimes quiet is good. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #2-2

There aren’t any games going on. Tuesday is not busy until baseball season, so the campus is quiet. It’s partly cloudy and in the mid to high 80’s, there is a lovely breeze blowing, and everyone is concentrating on going to class. Everyone also is waiting for Monday. GO HOKIES!!!!

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #2-1

Yesterday we interrupted the regularly scheduled Hokie Evening News Roundup to give you a peek at the goings on at Football Fan Apprciation Day. There were a whole lot of sports activities going on, and Tech was pulling in the W’s. So let us take a look. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies 2018 Fan Appreciation Day

It was fan appreciation day for the Hokies. So the Beamer Barn was opened up and the sharpies were deployed to sign everything from Tee Shirts, hats, flags, posters, and I even saw a cast or two getting scribbled on. A good time was had by all and the rain storm stayed away. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #3

It’s Tuesday evening, the second day of classes, and the initial jitters of the new students are probably just getting worse. College isn’t high school. Josh and John talk to BC Interruption. And the Fuente’s talk to a thing-a-ma-jig. GO HOKIES!!!!

Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokie Evening News Roundup #2

It was a pretty quiet day for Tech sports. The first day of classes was accompanied by clouds and rain. There are always a few tidbits here and there to report on, though.

The ACC Kickoff is Happening Today Hokies are Making an Impression

The Coaches, and Player Representatives for the ACC Coastal Teams are in the spotlight of the ACC Kickoff. Justin Fuente is leading the PR effort with Josh Jackson and Ricky Walker representing the players. It’s getting close, folks!

Jumping Ahead too far Too Fast, Among Other Annoying Trends

The Sports Media seems to know, from week to week, who is going to be in the FBS “Playoffs”. That’s annoying given it’s only the start of Week 5. It’s also puzzling given the drubbing that their guesses have gotten over the Week 4 game spread. How about reporting games and saving the playoffs for the playoffs... or maybe having real playoffs?

Gobbler Country Talks Hokies and Volunteers with Rocky Top Talk

We are invited to stop by the Rocky Top Talk podcast to sit for a segment and talk about the big game at the race track.

Virginia Tech Hokies: The View from the Sideline

John and Joshua go to Lane Stadium for the opening game, and come back with a new way for us to cover along with some insights that we haven’t had before.

Virginia Tech Hokies Lose a Game Day Institution

There is great sadness in Hokie Nation as 40 years of Hokie patrons will no longer be able to stop by Mike’s Grill for a pre-game meal. The Varelos family fed two generations of Hokies, friends, relatives, Tech Staff, and Blacksburg locals. Please, say goodbye and thank you in the comments section.

Virginia Tech Hokies: Gobbler Country Kicks off Its 2016 Coverage

Virginia Tech Hokie Football Fans did Really Appreciate It

Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Top 10

Get your wardrobe in check son!

Calling all Hokies...

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