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Virginia Tech Hokies Football 2023 Early Evaluation of the Schedule

Let’s pull out the old shiny bowling ball (No money for crystals) and do some fuminating, ruminating, and cogitating over it a bit and see if, maybe we can divine a floor/ceiling for this year’s football schedule. GO HOKIES!!!

Where College Football is Now and the Immediate Future - Playoffs

The admonition that one should always be careful of what one wishes for is always advisable. We wished for playoffs (with most of college football fandom) we got them, and it wasn’t a nice Toyota. It was more like some hybrid world car monster with a plug and lots of money involved. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Liberty Flames: Good, Bad, and Ugly for a Dangling Participle of a Win

Well, how about that? To quote Pittsburgh Dad... 3... 2... 1... WIN! The Hokies tote a W back west on US460 and salvage just a tiny shred of some sort of dignity for the season with an ironic 1-point win over Liberty. Let’s look at some of the good, bad, and ugly stuff for this one - which might be the last game of 2022. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech vs. Liberty: Gobbler Country’s staff predictions

Another long Saturday predicted for the Hokies.

Virginia Tech vs. Duke staff predictions: Can Hokies break a six-game losing streak?

This is a battle of first-year head coaches. Both are defensive minded, but one seems to have found an offense. It’s not the Hokies’ HC, that’s plain. The staff puts out their predictions. No excessive sanguinity, either. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Gobbler Country Staff Predictions

Well, it’s time for predictions and maybe a ray of sunshine in the expected gloom for Saturday. We are unlikely to be on the field since no one wants to drown a $400 camera. We’ll see about the view from the stands with the little camera. GO HOKIES!!!

The Virginia Tech Hokies as the Final Third of 2022 Begins

As promised, it’s time to look at the risk chart and schedule ahead for the final third of the season. In the pre-season it was predicted to be the easy part of the schedule. Pre-season predictions are written on rice paper and dragged around through the rain. Tech’s got a rough road ahead. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina State Wolfpack: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Another G,B,and U where it might as well be ugly, uglier, and ugliest. The trajectory of this team is up, right? I mean that’s what we keep hearing... we’re getting better. We expected to lose this and nearly won, right? Right... sure... whatever. Let’s go over this without plowing Bryan’s ground. But that might not be possible. Let’s try. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech vs. N.C. State: Gobbler Country staff predictions

The Hokies are big underdogs for Thursday night.

The Virginia Tech Hokie Football Team at the 2022 Mid-Season Bye

It’s just past the mid-season mark, there was some hope to report some good news and look forward to some final closing acts for the season, but events and records being what they are, we are going to look at what we are presented with. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Miami Hurricanes: Gobbler Country Staff Predictions

So, we put it into writing, It’s not going to change a whole lot from the podcast. The Hokies are behind the power curve further than the ‘Canes are and winning this one is going to be super tough.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Pitt Panthers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for 2022

Let’s look at the Good, Bad, and Ugly from the Pitt game. There are two for each heading, and maybe if we could solve the Bad and Ugly, the Good might shine through soon.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina Tar Heels: Good, Bad, and Ugly for 2022

It’s not a pleasant duty to write up a loss, it’s even more difficult when it was a drubbing. What in the world could be remotely badder or uglier than what we saw on Saturday? Let’s talk about it. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina Tar Heels: GC Staff Predictions.

I think it’d be a bunch more interesting if this was a basketball game. Just because the football team is struggling so much. Tech has a chance to win this but it is dwindling as the team loses momentum and incremental improvement. It’s going to be tough. Let’s see what the guys think. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Football at the End of the First Third: Rising Above the Floor

Well, four games have gone by and it’s, as promised, time to reevaluate the risk and odds of winning and losing. Tech’s window of opportunity is closing rapidly. Can this team rise above its presumed 5-7 floor with the remaining schedule? Let’s take a look. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Wofford Terriers: Predictions and Game Thread

Twas the night before game day and all through the town everyone was out buying anything white, and also edible. It’s a beautiful early Fall weekend in Blacksburg and there is a crowd growing, ready to have some fun. GO HOKIES!!!!

Hokies vs. Monarchs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So, Monday is my turn and it’s time to go over some of the good things that happened, not the bad things that need to get fixed, and then go over the uglies in hopes that next time they aren’t there. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Old Dominion University Monarchs: Game Predictions

Bryan, Jay and John offer up their predictions along with a bit of news as we wait for the kickoff this evening at 7pm.

Virginia Tech football: 2022 secondary preview

What will ‘DBU’ look like in 2022?

The Virginia Tech Hokie Football Season Ahead: A Different Perspective

Let’s take a slightly different look at the season ahead, without trying to play the magic prognosticator and predicting specific games, let’s look at the schedule from the perspective of Risk and Odds of Winning to see if we can figure out a floor and a ceiling for the 2022 Hokies. GO HOKIES!!!

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Receivers

Grant Wells has a reputation as a gunslinger. That means that if he starts, he’s going to need targets. We take a look at the Hokie receiving corps to see if the passing game is going to have some shake it loose, sticky fingered ball catchers. It’s time for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends to be used for a change, don’t you think? GO HOKIES!!!

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Defensive Line

This season will be all about what goes on in the trenches. We saw some interesting new developments in the Offensive Line, and now it’s time to cross the LOS to look at the all-important Defensive setup.

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Running Backs

It’s time to take a trip deeper into the backfield and look at a position that Virginia Tech just hasn’t been able to re-establish since David Wilson departed after 2011, Running Back. The roster list is small, and that might actually be a good thing. GO HOKIES!!!

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Quarterbacks

We start the Roster Review series with the Quarterbacks. We also take a look at those coaches, and the entirely new world that we find ourselves in. Read up, take the poll and comment. This is like 2017 all over again. We just don’t know who is #1, yet.

Where College Football is Now and Where it Goes in the Future Wrap-up/Surrender

The sharks are circling, the survivors are scrambling for the lifeboats. USC and UCLA launch torpedoes into the PAC12 and the last ship in the convoy is the ACC. You’d think that all this work went for nothing, but we warned you that things were unstable and changing. That was right, at least. Summing up and heading to the money article. GO HOKIES!!!

The ACC Makes a Massive Change: No More Divisions

Opinion: Looks like moves are being made to draw the Fighting Irish into the ACC for full membership. The ACC Eliminates its divisions for 2023 and goes to a free-for-all scheduling format with only 3 permanent opponents for each team. This is going to be interesting. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Spring Game 2022: The Launch of the Brent Pry Era

It was an absolutely beautiful day in Blacksburg, mostly cloudy but absolutely no threat of any sort of rain, the stands were surprisingly full, and the game illuminating. Let’s take a look at what’s being remade, and the things that need to be sorted out in the Fall. GO HOKIES!!!

NIL Officially Comes to Virginia Tech

This is not just a football thing folks. This is the professionalization of the student athlete, and will alter, forever the process of recruiting and retaining athletes for both revenue and non-revenue sports. There are two views on this, issue and neither are wrong. Answer the poll. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies are Here Because

Hunter Cattoor is the MVP of the ACC Tournament. Keve Aluma and Justyn Mutts were scoring machines. The team played hard unselfish basketball down the stretch. Because of... Head Coach Mike Young.

Where College Football is Now and the Immediate Future – Conference Details: B1G

We looked at the SEC as the powerhouse, and future major powerhouse of college football. Now we’ll take a look at the oldest continual conference the Big Ten now known as the B1G (since it’s 14 teams). It’s relatively quiet in all the turmoil. Why? Let’s hear from you once you read a bit.

Where College Football is Now and the Immediate Future – Part 2

The big blender in college football is currently the rapidly expanding, stirring, and conference hopping going on in the Mid-Majors of the Group of 5. Don’t be fooled, their issues and dissatisfaction with the current situation are coming to the Power 5. Let’s look at the "little guys" of Bowl football while I figure out how to do a deep dive into the rapids. GO HOKIES!!!

Where College Football is Now and the Immediate Future – Part 1

We really need to do a survey of where college football stands for the next two seasons. Remember, the changes are occurring, but the maneuvering and negotiations are happening in the dark. We thought this was going to be an easy one article deal. No such luck. Here’s Part 1, take the poll have your say, too.


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