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The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Receivers

Grant Wells has a reputation as a gunslinger. That means that if he starts, he’s going to need targets. We take a look at the Hokie receiving corps to see if the passing game is going to have some shake it loose, sticky fingered ball catchers. It’s time for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends to be used for a change, don’t you think? GO HOKIES!!!

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Defensive Line

This season will be all about what goes on in the trenches. We saw some interesting new developments in the Offensive Line, and now it’s time to cross the LOS to look at the all-important Defensive setup.

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Running Backs

It’s time to take a trip deeper into the backfield and look at a position that Virginia Tech just hasn’t been able to re-establish since David Wilson departed after 2011, Running Back. The roster list is small, and that might actually be a good thing. GO HOKIES!!!

The Gobbler Country Virginia Tech Hokies 2022 Roster Review: Quarterbacks

We start the Roster Review series with the Quarterbacks. We also take a look at those coaches, and the entirely new world that we find ourselves in. Read up, take the poll and comment. This is like 2017 all over again. We just don’t know who is #1, yet.

Where College Football is Now and Where it Goes in the Future Wrap-up/Surrender

The sharks are circling, the survivors are scrambling for the lifeboats. USC and UCLA launch torpedoes into the PAC12 and the last ship in the convoy is the ACC. You’d think that all this work went for nothing, but we warned you that things were unstable and changing. That was right, at least. Summing up and heading to the money article. GO HOKIES!!!

The ACC Makes a Massive Change: No More Divisions

Opinion: Looks like moves are being made to draw the Fighting Irish into the ACC for full membership. The ACC Eliminates its divisions for 2023 and goes to a free-for-all scheduling format with only 3 permanent opponents for each team. This is going to be interesting. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Spring Game 2022: The Launch of the Brent Pry Era

It was an absolutely beautiful day in Blacksburg, mostly cloudy but absolutely no threat of any sort of rain, the stands were surprisingly full, and the game illuminating. Let’s take a look at what’s being remade, and the things that need to be sorted out in the Fall. GO HOKIES!!!

NIL Officially Comes to Virginia Tech

This is not just a football thing folks. This is the professionalization of the student athlete, and will alter, forever the process of recruiting and retaining athletes for both revenue and non-revenue sports. There are two views on this, issue and neither are wrong. Answer the poll. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies are Here Because

Hunter Cattoor is the MVP of the ACC Tournament. Keve Aluma and Justyn Mutts were scoring machines. The team played hard unselfish basketball down the stretch. Because of... Head Coach Mike Young.

Where College Football is Now and the Immediate Future – Conference Details: B1G

We looked at the SEC as the powerhouse, and future major powerhouse of college football. Now we’ll take a look at the oldest continual conference the Big Ten now known as the B1G (since it’s 14 teams). It’s relatively quiet in all the turmoil. Why? Let’s hear from you once you read a bit.

Where College Football is Now and the Immediate Future – Part 2

The big blender in college football is currently the rapidly expanding, stirring, and conference hopping going on in the Mid-Majors of the Group of 5. Don’t be fooled, their issues and dissatisfaction with the current situation are coming to the Power 5. Let’s look at the "little guys" of Bowl football while I figure out how to do a deep dive into the rapids. GO HOKIES!!!

Where College Football is Now and the Immediate Future – Part 1

We really need to do a survey of where college football stands for the next two seasons. Remember, the changes are occurring, but the maneuvering and negotiations are happening in the dark. We thought this was going to be an easy one article deal. No such luck. Here’s Part 1, take the poll have your say, too.

Virginia Tech Hokies Athletics: Hokie Nation has Something to Say

We talked the situation, the coaches, and the players. The polls had a reason, this time. Let’s go over the results and put Hokie Nation in the spotlight for an article. The results were interesting, to say the least. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Athletics and looking at Player Personnel Changes Coming

There are a lot of holes in the #1s coming. The Bowl Roster is full of #2s, #3s, and even some 4s in there. The coaching staff has a cleanup, fixup, and rebuild task ahead of it. Take the poll. Can it all be done rapidly? Or is this going to be a slog?

Virginia Tech Hokies Athletics, Changes are Coming Coaches and Image

We introduced the series, and now we jump into it, feet first. Let’s take a look at the coaching situation and the massive changes happening in the Hokie Football Head Shed. Are we going to look like a B1G team? Tell us how you feel about it at the end of the article.

Virginia Tech Hokies Athletics, Changes are Coming Because - Football is King

It’s 2022! There are lots of changes in the athletic department coming (because when football has a transition, everyone is affected). We launch a new series of three articles covering what those changes are and how we feel about them. Every article will have a poll so tell us how you feel. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Football the Good, Bad, and Ugly of 2021 (and the Pinstripe Meltdown)

So, 2021 draws to a close, and it’s time to do a review of what was good, bad, and truly ugly so that we can close the door and move on to hope and better things. GO HOKIES!!!!

The Virginia Tech Hokies in the Pinstripe Bowl: The End (of an Era)

Wednesday at 2:15 PM EST, the End Begins. The last game of the Fuente Era of Virginia Tech football floats into the sky above Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. This will be the cap stone (or tombstone) on a six-year accelerating disappointment. The bright side is that the Hokies might just win, and by 6:00 PM start a new era. GO HOKIES!!!

Whit! Don’t Do it! Just Stay Where You Are for Now!

Update: It looks like it’s Pry official announcement will be this afternoon. Things are dictated, and a final guest post is called for before John comes back full time in January. Whit Babcock is about to make a major mistake by spending big money on a "promotion" hire from outside. In a hurricane of coaching insanity that this program cannot afford.

A Good-Bye to Justin Fuente: Learn from This and Good Luck

John’s final Guest Post was accelerated by reality. This was supposed to be written and published after the season when we all thought that the team would part company with Justin Fuente. Well, now is as good a time as any.

Virginia Tech Hokies 2021 Mid-Season Summary

John checks in with the promised mid-season guest post as the Hokies are pushing a disappointing losses to West Virginia and Notre Dame, and a painful drubbing by Pitt. What’s going on? There was some hope, and now it’s fading. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies 2021 Football Season Predictions Part 2

So there are 12 regular season games and we took on the first six in Part 1. Let’s look at the home stretch, a difficult lineup mostly on the road, and then do some educated guessing about records and post-season.

Virginia Tech Hokies 2021 Football Season Predictions Part 1

John makes a guest appearance to go over the 2021 schedule and some other things that grabbed his interest over the spring and summer months. The Hokies have some challenges but if they rise to the occasion we could be pleasantly surprised. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies: Grading the Football Offseason Moves

So the question popped up in the comments, and the suggestion was made. So, let’s step in it - and hope it’s not like a 4 year old and mud puddle. Bryan gave us his thoughts on some top 5 coaching observations from the presser. Time to do some grading of the moves.

NCAA Delays NIL Rules and Disagrees with Knight Commission

The time of amateur sports in big time college programs is nearing an end. NCAA President Mark Emmert chafes at the Knight Commission recommendations. College Sports is changing. Big money programs with dominant football revenues already treated differently. The commission is merely recommending acceptance of fact and regulating it.

An Open Letter to Hokie Nation

So, we’ve messaged Justin Fuente. We’ve dropped a memo on Whit Babcock, and now it’s time to do some thinking about ourselves. You might not like this, but it’s my humble opinion. That’s all we have in this. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Whit Babcock kicking the can down the road by keeping Fuente

This is a bad move by Virginia Tech’s athletic director.

The ACC is delaying the inevitable

Tuesday all but confirmed that college football will not occur in the fall.

That’s a Wrap for a Foregone Conclusion NCAA Football is Officially Over for 2019.

Man... it’s almost Spring practice, isn’t it? The Louisiana State University Tigers turn Clemson into the house cats. 42-25 and it really wasn’t that close. It was an interesting season, to say the least. On to 2020. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Belk Bowl Good, Bad, and Ugly

No game that contentious should blow past without a thorough examination of what was good, bad, and then flat ugly about the effort. Tech filled out all three categories. Let’s take a look at the issues at hand in preparation for the massive changes coming in 2020.

Virginia Tech Hokies: Post Season Personnel Changes

Change may be to mild a word. How about Cleanout... Stall Mucking... decimation... Whatever it is it's drastic and the effects are totally unknown.

Virginia Tech Hokies Football Final Five Things before 2020

It’s the final Five Things article for the 2019(20) season. These are sort of the final takeaways from the season and program. Some aren’t even necessarily football play related. There are going to be a lot of changes happening in the offseason. It would be nice to see some of these addressed. GO HOKIES!!!!