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Virginia Tech Football

Gobbler Country's coverage of Virginia Tech Hokies football.

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Post Game Blitz: Last of UNC for 2022

Running a little late, but there was just a whole lot to talk turkey about. The UNC loss was predictable, but there were some bright spots. We are starting to see lots of new faces. That’s the future and the hope. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech fans must watch ACC Network special on legendary coach Frank Beamer

The biggest critique is its length.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina Tar Heels: Good, Bad, and Ugly for 2022

It’s not a pleasant duty to write up a loss, it’s even more difficult when it was a drubbing. What in the world could be remotely badder or uglier than what we saw on Saturday? Let’s talk about it. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: 5 takeaways from Hokies’ 41-10 loss to North Carolina

Another depressing game for the Hokies, but there were some bright spots.

Virginia Tech football: North Carolina dominates Hokies in 41-10 rout

The Hokies fall to 2-3 on the season.

Virginia Tech Hokies Trail the Carolina Tar Heels at the End of the 1st Half: 24-10

We knew that this was going to be a tough game, but Carolina’s offense has really giving the Tech defense fits. The Tech offense is doing

Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina Tar Heels: Gobbler Country’s Official Game Thread

It’s dreary and cool in Chapel Hill, and about the same in Blacksburg, so maybe the guys will feel at home. This one is a winnable game, but do the Hokies have enough offense to challenge a struggling Tar Heel Defense, and keep their offense off the field? We’ll have to see, won’t we? GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina Tar Heels: GC Staff Predictions.

I think it’d be a bunch more interesting if this was a basketball game. Just because the football team is struggling so much. Tech has a chance to win this but it is dwindling as the team loses momentum and incremental improvement. It’s going to be tough. Let’s see what the guys think. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Previews the Virginia Tech vs North Carolina Game

It looks like the Hokies are traveling to Chapel Hill to play another Hurricane Game. Ian might be the biggest thing on the "tough" issues to solve sheet for either team. Jay and John talk about the game, and their feelings about the outcome. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina: How to watch, preview, odds

Can the Hokies score enough to keep up with UNC?

Gobbler Country Talking Turkey’s Post Game Blitz: Hokies vs. Mountaineers

Jay and John review the fiasco from Saturday with sober and look at the game with a couple of days to think bout the disappointment and the realities. GO HOKIES!!!

A View from the Sidelines: Virginia Tech Hokies vs. West Virginia Mountaineers

There were pictures, just not as many "good" ones as I would have liked. The camera was fighting me, and the sidelines were crowded so lots of ruined shots popped up. It was also not a highlight reel event that’s for sure. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Football at the End of the First Third: Rising Above the Floor

Well, four games have gone by and it’s, as promised, time to reevaluate the risk and odds of winning and losing. Tech’s window of opportunity is closing rapidly. Can this team rise above its presumed 5-7 floor with the remaining schedule? Let’s take a look. GO HOKIES!!!

5 takeaways from Virginia Tech’s loss to West Virginia

There aren’t a lot of positives here.

Hokies vs. Mountaineers for the End of the First 3rd of 2022: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Normally we don’t do this on a home game, but it’s the end of the first 3rd of the season and it’s really time to start evaluation what the last eight games might look like. This one we go over the game and fixing things. The next one will look at the next eight with the risk chart from the preseason re-evaluated. Not pretty, folks. GO HOKIES!!!

West Virginia leads Virginia Tech 13-7 at halftime.

WVU scores 10 points late in the second quarter to take the lead.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. West Virginia Mountaineers: Official Gobbler Country Game Thread

Well, it’s five minutes before kickoff. Bryan’s in the Press Box and John’s on the Field with the camera. It’s the first day of Fall, and the weather is definitely Fall in big shovels full. This is a big game and one that the Hokies are going to have to work hard for. There is some news, but this is for commenting... GO HOKIES!!!

West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech: Gobbler Country’s staff predictions

Can the Hokies take back possession of the Black Diamond Trophy?

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Previews the Virginia Tech vs West Virginia Game

The last time we had pictures for this, it was back in the 2017 season at FedEx Field. Virginia Tech was looking at a first game with a new QB, and a leftover team from a very successful 2016 season. There’s a new QB in this one, too. That’s the only thing that’s the same. GO HOKIES!!!

West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech: Preview, odds and how to watch

West Virginia returns to Blacksburg for the first time since 2004.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies release depth chart ahead of Thursday’s battle vs. WVU

It doesn’t sound good for Malachi Thomas.

A View from the Sidelines: Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Wofford Terriers

So, here are some pictures from the game on Saturday. The game wasn’t a hair on fire light ‘em up bury the cupcake sort of thing. Coach Pry and staff wanted to exorcise some demons, and get some 2s and 3s critical reps. Looks like he’s a Beamer student, alright. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Hokies defeat Wofford 27-7

WVU is up next.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Wofford Terriers: Predictions and Game Thread

Twas the night before game day and all through the town everyone was out buying anything white, and also edible. It’s a beautiful early Fall weekend in Blacksburg and there is a crowd growing, ready to have some fun. GO HOKIES!!!!

How to watch Wofford at Virginia Tech football: Time, TV, spread, and more

It’s an early day at Lane Stadium.

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Previews the Wofford Terriers Game

It’s "help the FCS team get some dough" week. And, frankly, it’s a get healthy and snaps for the bench players time. This is the first time that Wofford has come to Blacksburg and the Mike Young connection can’t be dismissed. Join Bryan and John for a quick review and some predictions. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey: Post Game Blitz - Boston College

Bryan and John take 20 minutes to go over their impressions of the BC Game. There’s some team news, superlatives, and some Hokie football hype for you, too. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech vs. Boston College: 5 takeaways from Hokies’ 27-10 victory

It was a throwback to the good ol’ days.

A View from the Sidelines: Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Boston College Eagles - 2022

Well, the rain held off and my camera survived. It’s been two and a half years, so my technique and anticipation need to come back, but here are some of the highlight pictures of the 3,463 taken on Saturday evening. What a thrill. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Brent Pry has a message to Hokie Nation

Don’t you just want to run through a brick wall for this guy?

Virginia Tech dominates Boston College in 27-10 win

Brent Pry earns his first win as Virginia Tech’s head coach.

Boston College vs. Virginia Tech: Hokies lead 17-3 at halftime

It was a dominant defensive performance for the Hokies.