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Hokies In The NFL Draft

Twilight Football Programs: The NFL Draft Matters Most - It’s a Multiplier

Well, let’s look at the biggest and most important factor in the long term success of a college football program. Money... I mean Pro Football.,, and the NFL Draft. The XFL is still a very secondary player and will unlikely be a big issue, but for the big programs with long term Championship designs, the NFL is king.

Gobbler Country Hokie News Roundup for the End of February

There are lots of things going on in the Virginia Tech sports world. Wrestling is now in tournament mode, waiting. The Women’s basketball team is reaching the regular season end with the penultimate game tonight vs. Duke. Football Spring Practice is rapidly approaching. And MORE! GO HOKIES!!!

Dalton Keene thankful for time at Virginia Tech

Dalton Keene is the only Hokie at the Combine

The First Day of the NFL Draft is Over and it was “Different”

No Hokies to be seen, but lots of odd, strange, and inscrutable choices along with mostly predictable ones. Tonight is rounds 2 and 3. I don’t hold out much hope for seeing any Hokies, yet. But with this draft, you never know.

Hokies have Slim Chances in the NFL Draft; Maybe Saturday will Save Us

The chances for a Virginia Tech Hokie Draft pick are pretty slim for the early rounds, this time. 2018 wasn’t a great year, and the eligible player list is pretty short. Let’s take a look, but don’t hold your breath. Maybe Saturday.

Talking Greg Stroman with Hogs’ Haven

In the second of Hogs’ Haven’s articles on drafted Hokies, Jay and John talk about Greg Stroman, and give them something to chew on.

Hokies Lose Two Cornerbacks in One Week

The #LPD #DBU crew is down by two. It rhymes but it isn’t too funny. Adonis Alexander leaves the program which was not unexpected, but Jeremy Webb, the promising JUCO transfer gets a medical redshirt (which is not what the coaches wanted).

Gobbler Country Talks Tim Settle with Hogs’ Haven

Our SB Nation sister blog Hogs’ Haven checks in with Gobbler Country with some questions about Tim Settle and his being drafted by the ‘Skins. Jay and I gave them more than a few cents worth. Go Tim! GO HOKIES!!!

Brandon Facyson gets UDFA Contract with Chargers, Joey Slye try out for the Bucs

It looks like Brandon Facyson will be the last of the 2018 Hokie draft class to come off the board (there are always possibilities but for now, this is the last tweet from VT_Football. GO Brandon! GO HOKIES!!!

Tremaine Edmunds Picked 16th by the Buffalo Bills

So who is trading up to get players? Buffalo. And the Bills surprise everyone by trading to step up and grab Tremaine Edmunds off the board before someone else noticed that he was still there.

Gobbler Country 2018 NFL Draft Staff Predictions and Show Forum

It’s NFL Draft Weekend, and as promised we’ve got some coverage planned. First’ we’ve got predictions from some of the staff. As things keep going and writers can report in, we’ll update the article.

Virginia Tech Hokies Pro Prospects: Andrew Motuapuaka, Eric Gallo, and Joey Slye

There are three seniors who are eligible for the NFL Draft, but may or may not make it into the league but you never know. Andrew Motuapuaka was a standout player. Eric Gallo had his issues but centers are hard to come by and get beat up. Joey Slye... well if he could just beat that slice...

Virginia Tech Hokies in the 2018 NFL Draft: Brandon Facyson

Brandon Facyson has been attracting pro attention since his Freshman debut. He has overcome a serious series of leg injuries to attract 5/6 round draft attention. We are wishing him all the best. Brandon is all Hokie!

Virginia Tech Hokies in the 2018 NFL Draft: Greg Stroman

Next up is Greg Stroman. He’s supposed to be too skinny. They kept saying that all the way through his shooting star career at Tech as he played all four years as a True Freshman through Senior. Greg Stroman is going to get a chance to prove he can play at the next level. How is going to be sorted out after Saturday.

Virginia Tech Hokies in the 2018 NFL Draft: Wyatt Teller

Wyatt Teller is about to be considered for the NFL Draft. He switched from D-Line to O-Line early, and then had to work through a coaching change that may have affected his performance in 2017. Overall, someone is definitely going to consider him but we are probably looking at 2016 as a reason, not 2017.

It’s NFL Draft Week for Seven (or more) Virginia Tech Hokies

Gobbler Country launches its NFL Draft Week Coverage. We’ll start with a series of summaries featuring each potential draftee, and then finish up with a grand Wednesday evening finale where your humble staff puts up its best set of SWAGs as to whether and when each player will go. We’ll be covering live, as always starting on Thursday evening. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Scouting Combine preview

Seven former Hokies will be participating at the combine.

Virginia Tech Football: Seven Hokies invited to NFL Scouting Combine

The Edmunds’ brothers lead a talented group of Hokies to Indianapolis.

Virginia Tech football: Wyatt Teller with a strong week at the Senior Bowl

Former Virginia Tech guard Wyatt Teller is moving up draft boards.

Virginia Tech football: Tremaine Edmunds’ stock is soaring

One NFL Network analyst has him as the No. 3 overall player in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Carolina Panthers football: Greg Olsen breaks foot, does Bucky Hodges get the nod?

Recently added to the practice roster, will Hodges get the call?

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Who Replaces Kyshoen Jarrett?

All Drafted Hokies Signed, Ready to Grind

With all drafted Hokies having inked their rookie deals, let’s take a look at just how much bank they’re set to bring home.

Q&A: Bigger Bonus Bodes Well For Ravens D Hopkins

We discuss the Hokies in Baltimore with our friends at NFL site Baltimore Beatdown.

Ryan Williams Lands Job, Grimm Close To Return

Q&A: Vikings = Right Place & Time For Hokies Tyler

In our 2nd Q&A with Christopher we focus on overachieving ex-Hokie LB Jack Tyler.

Q&A: High Hopes For Versatile Exum In Minnesota

We discuss Exum's value for his place in the draft and how the Vikings view the ex-Hokies DB.

J.R. Collins Lands With Washington Redskins

The undersized DE will face a stiff challenge.

Q&A: Coles Joins Crowded Wideout Scene In Oakland

We discuss the Raiders approach to undrafted free agents, and quite naturally we explore Coles' chances of making the Oakland Rayduzz.

Q&A: Position Battle Ahead In Chicago For Fuller

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Q&A: Offensive Line In Tampa Has Room For Miller

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Q&A: Edwards Has Opportunity For Growth in Miami

Tariq Edwards signed as an undrafted free agent with the Miami Dolphins over the weekend. We take a look at the transitional situation Edwards enters into following the Incognito-Martin debacle and discuss his chances at making the roster.