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Virginia Tech Football Recruiting

Virginia Tech football: Hokies land a Texas quarterback

Alex Orji is the second quarterback to commit to Virginia Tech for the 2022 recruiting class.

Virginia Tech football: Gunner Givens is a vital recruit for the Hokies in 2022

Givens is as important of a recruit for this staff as any in recent memory.

Virginia Tech Hokies Land a Premium Transfer from the Portal: Jordan Williams Comes Home

Jordan Williams has two years of eligibility left, and is happy to be coming home to Virginia from Clemson. The Defensive Line needs some serious help, and two seasons of a player of Williams’ caliber will be tonic for Teerlinck and Tapp. GO HOKIES!!!

The Name, Image, and Likeness Issue Will Change Collegiate Sports, Forever

Regardless of the sport, the next big issue on the boards is the Name, Image, and Likeness tidal wave that is beginning to threaten to suck the water off the beach just before the deluge. We take a look at what’s what, and what might be a few problems. It’s seems easy and what’s fair is fair, right? Well, think again. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech recruiting: A look at the 2021 class on offense

The Hokies signed 25 players in the early signing period.

Virginia Tech football: Jack Hollifield is a Hokie

The Hokies snag another brother.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies hire Alex White as director of on-campus recruiting

Virginia Tech football: Tight end Jared Gibble commits to Hokies

Gibble is a player who was gaining interesting from North Carolina and South Carolina

Virginia Tech football: Running back Kenji Christian commits to the Hokies

Christian is a really good back who can contribute early in his Hokie career.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies land transfer CB from transfer portal

Devin Taylor transfers to Virginia Tech from Illinois State

Virginia Tech football: Offensive lineman Canon Boone commits to the Hokies

Canon Boone is Virginia Tech’s third OL commitment in the 2021 class.

Virginia Tech football: OL Bryce Goodner commits to Virginia Tech

Goodner is from Athens, Tenn.

Virginia Tech football: Defensive end Cole Nelson commits to the Hokies

Much like Mattheus Carroll, Nelson has tremendous upside

Virginia Tech football: Hokies pick up a surprise commitment on Thursday

Maybe #TX2VT isn’t dead after all.

Virginia Tech football: Malachi Thomas commits to Hokies

Thomas is a running back who could also play baseball at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech football: Top target Donovan McMillon set to announce on Saturday

The Hokies and Florida are the presumed finalists.

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey sits down with DJ Harvey to Discuss His Commitment

Bryan and John have a great interview with DJ Harvey, our recent defensive back commitment from Southern California. This young man exudes a quiet confidence and commitment to family that he felt that Virginia Tech offered to him. Listen in, he’s going to be a real catch (or maybe interception?)... GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech football recruiting: Hokies land commitment from WR Tray Curry

This was a good surprise for Hokie Nation.

Virginia Tech football: Isi Etute is another solid get for 2021 recruiting class

Etute is a three-star recruit per 247Sports.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies get big commitment in CB DJ Harvey

Harvey is from Chatsworth, Calif.

Virginia Tech football recruiting: Tyas Martin decommits from Hokies

Martin is a three-star prospect from Arkansas

Virginia Tech football: Shawn Asbury II commits to the Hokies

Asbury is a three-star CB from Stafford, Va.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies land Keli Lawson

Lawson could be a gem in this class.

Program Twilight: The Final Analysis and Lots of Questions Left on the Table

So the highly popular, click bait, get some numbers series we called Program Twilight comes to a glorious end. /sarc off... Look, we addressed some thorny issues and some of those might never be solved. In the end, College football is going to change, like it or not, and professionalization is already here. We’ll just have to keep an eye on it and hope for the best. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Former WVU, JMU WR Dillon Spalding to walk on at Virginia Tech

Dillon Spalding was a three-star recruit back in 2018.

Program Twilight and the Ultimate Fix: Let the Big Programs Go Pro

Most of us writing about collegiate sports continually run into the same problems regarding program doldrums. The money, prestige, and NFL prospects chase always draws the talent to a few high profile programs that earn big money and draw big attention. Maybe the answer is as plain as reprogramming the simulation. Let the big programs go professional. Take the poll, comment. This one might stir up some mud. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech football: Hokies add another commitment on Wednesday

Program Twilight Spitballing About Reforming the Recruiting Game

The biggest game in college football isn’t played on the field, it’s played in the living rooms, locker rooms, and college visits to universities. It’s the ‘Recruiting Game’ and it’s an event horizon all of its own. Let’s start the discussion. It’s important and why so many programs linger in Program Twilight.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies pick up big commitment on Sunday

Mattheus Carroll was a huge priority for this staff.

Virginia Tech football: Hokies pick up another commitment on Wednesday

Chance Black is an impressive offensive weapon.

Program Twilight: Gobbler Country Looks at a Collegiate “Draft”

It’s easy to say the word "Draft" and really difficult to put a finger on the actual execution of something like a Collegiate Player Draft, but we’ll take a shot. Some good players never receive an offer while some who have hit the golden tone are swimming in them. How do you even that out?

Program Twilight: Spitballing an NCAA FBS Reorganization

Looking that the problem of how Division 1 FBS is poorly organized to allow for real competition for the championship and especially for attracting the talent necessary to even have a chance.