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Virginia Tech Women's Basketball

The Virginia Tech Women's basketball team

#12 Virginia Tech Hokies Get Beaten Up by the #16 Duke Lady Blue Devils: 55-66

This had to be one of the worst losses of the season, not because of the score, but because of the nature of the game. Duke watched Notre Dame beat up the Hokies, so they did the same thing by the shovel full. They drain their bench and play a street brawl instead of a basketball game. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Run Past the Wake Forest Lady Demon Deacons: 74-57

The #12 Hokies came off the road to defend the Cassell from the intruding Wake Forest Lady Demon Deacons. Wake made it look a bit pinchy in the 3rd quarter, but the Hokies found the accelerator, downshifted, and pulled away in the 4th. Hokies are 16-3 overall and 6-3 in the conference. GO HOKIES!!!

#12 Virginia Tech Hokies Beat the Pittsburgh Lady Panthers in PGH: 69 - 62

The Hokies needed to prove something and keep the ACC wins going. The "thing" to prove, was winning on the road, the ACC win speaks for itself, and really there is nothing like a win to keep the momentum up. Four players in double figures and two double-doubles. GO HOKIES!!!

#13 Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Defeats Louisville in a Close but Satisfying: 81 - 79

This might have been the most satisfying close win in many years, actually 28 years to be precise. Four players in double figures, led by some real heart and Soule. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Have a Rough Weekend on the Court Both Women and Men Lose Tough Games

Both of the basketball teams dropped their games - or were they street brawls? No one could tell, but neither Hokie basketball team came away with a win. Just reviewing through the tears. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Reviews Basketball and Football Events for the Start of 2023

With Jay on the road and unavailable, Bryan and John talk about the basketball teams, and review some of the issues of early signing day (period) and some of the roster possibilities for 2023. GO HOKIES!!!!

#9 Virginia Tech Hokies Defeat the Wahoos in the Cassell: 74 - 66

It was a long trip from Hooville on a bus to be treated this way. The shorthanded Hokies still hustle hard and adjust to match the Hoos and then pass them for the big Commonwealth Clash ‘W’ at the end. GO HOKIES!!!

#7 Virginia Tech Hokies Take Down #13 North Carolina in a See-Saw Battle of the Wills: 68-65

Tar Heels come to the Cassell to battle the Hokies, and it was a real push pull, up down, bruiser from tip-off to the final buzzer. Tech needed to prove a point and win a close tough game. They sure did it, and it took all but one second to do it. Great W!!!! GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Drop a Tough Game on the Road at Clemson: 59-64

The holiday break didn’t seem to help the Hokies too much. They travel to Clemson to take on the Lady Tigers for a big road ACC matchup, and fall far behind in the first quarter to stage a major comeback in the 3rd and 4th, but come up short. Next up UNC at home on the 1st. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Women's Basketball Puts a 20 Point ‘W’ on High Point: 86-66

Liz Kitley and Cayla King go home to take on High Point’s women’s basketball team in a sort of homecoming for them. The High Point Panthers hung in for a half, but they had no answers for Kitley, Soule, and Traylor. Another record set! GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Drop a Heartbreaking Slugging Match to Notre Dame: 63-52

Virginia Tech and Notre Dame battled back and forth throughout the game but the Hokies, with three players in serious foul trouble went cold in the 4th to drop their first game of the season. No worries! Still a very long way to go. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over Basketball and the Football Situation

Join Bryan, Jay, and John as they talk about the men’s and women’s basketball success, and the new exciting developments in the football recruiting effort. Take the Poll, GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Women Step Up to #6; Men’s Basketball Ranked 24/23T

Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Puts Away UNC-Ashville: 86-48

The Hokies hosted the Bulldogs in Cassell Coliseum this afternoon, and though it was a bit on the empty side and Ashville put up a first quarter fight, the Hokies just outran, outshot, and outrebounded them into blowout victory. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Taking Turkey Goes Over Basketball and Then Collegiate Free-Agency

Bryan and John go over the women’s basketball dominance with a #7 ranking and a, now, 9-0 record. We visit the men’s steady improvement and growth as they hit 8-1 against increasingly tough opponents. And then spend a good deal of time talking about the advent of full collegiate free agency. Take the Poll. GO HOKIES!!!

#7 Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Goes to Boston College and Nabs Their First ACC ‘W’: 73-58

7th ranked Virginia Tech opened the ACC grind on the road this year, and no one said Chestnut Hill was an easy place to start. The Hokies made it look that way, though, taking down the Eagles by 15 points in their house. GO HOKIES!!!!

#9 Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Hangs a ‘W’ on the Lady Vols of Tennessee: 59 -56

Now someone might need to adjust their voting because maybe the Hokies are going up a bit. The women went on the road to a very dangerous place with a very tough opponent to consider and muscled and fought through a close game and win. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Does Basketball and Wraps Football

So Jay, Bryan, and John sit down to discuss the beginning of basketball season, and the close of the prematurely ended (mercy?) football season. Join us for a good listen, and comment on the situation. GO HOKIES!!!

#9 Virginia Tech Hokies Roll Past the Nebraska Cornhuskers: 85 - 54

In the beginning it looked like the Lady Cornhuskers of Nebraska were going to give the Hokies some serious competition. But the Hokies, led by Georgia Amoore were having none of it. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Leave the Longwood Lancers in the Dust of the Cassell: 89-28

There are times when you just wonder why some games aren’t just stopped to save some form of face. Longwood came to Cassell looking to do something big or at least show up well. The Virginia Tech Hokies weren’t having it on Sunday. GO HOKIES!!!

#11 Virginia Tech Hokies Roll Past Mizzou on the Road to Thanksgiving: 73-57

We took a bit of a Thanksgiving break but didn’t forget the Hokies were on the road in the Bahamas playing some basketball... and winning. The women’s team cleaned up and headed back with big wins over SEC teams by blowing past Missouri to end up 5-0 to start the 2022/2023 season.

#11 Virginia Tech Hokies Down the Kentucky Wildcats in the Bahamas: 82-74

The Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Team is playing a Tournament in the Bahamas and arguably facing their first peer foes. SEC Kentucky was up first, and the Lady Hokies took them down leading wire to wire. GO HOKIES!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Phases Out Football and Concentrates on Winter Sports

Jay and John talk the Liberty game and then move on to better topics, like Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and the Wrestlers. The Hokies are starting to shine in the Winter sports arenas. So listen in... take the poll and GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokie Women's Basketball Runs Away from South Carolina - Upstate: 79-24

Kenny Brooks got a chance to clear the bench and get lots of time for the players who often don’t get a shot at playing much. Tech still accelerates away from the Spartans. GO HOKIES!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s Basketball Downs Bucknell: 67-41

The 2022 warmup games for both basketball squads have been slow start accelerate away efforts. The Hokie Women’s Basketball team took on Bucknell on Friday, and eventually buried them. Lots of stats, and a solid win for a 2-0 start. GO HOKIES!!!!

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey and Some Winning Things: Basketball, Wrestling, Then-Football Predictions

Both Basketball seasons opened, and the grapplers start in for the winter season. Jay, Bryan, and John jump in to talk about winning teams, and then give their summary and predictions for the Duke football game. Time to switch sports and schedule. GO HOKIES!!!

#13 Virginia Tech Hokie Women’s Basketball Opens the 2022/23 Season Huge

This season we are covering both basketball teams and both seasons opened big in the Cassell. The women tipped off and a bit after 5 and had a scoring fest. It was a touch of the first day jitters and then no looking back. GO HOKIES!!!!

Virginia Tech Hokies Doing Lots of Dancing in March. The Women are Playing, Florida Gulf Coast to Start

Well, it’s selection Sunday, and the men’s basketball team bull rushed into the Beeg Shew against the odds and the desires of the sports punditry. Now the Hokie Women’s Basketball team grabs their tournament #5 seed in the Spokane Regionals to play against Florida Gulf Coast.

ACC women’s tournament 2022: Hokies blow out Clemson Thursday

Virginia Tech will meet UNC Friday.

Virginia Tech center Elizabeth Kitley named ACC women’s player of the year

Kitley is the first Hokie to be named ACC women’s player of the year.

Virginia Tech basketball: Lady Hokies take down No. 23 North Carolina

Another signature win for Kenny Brooks and his talented squad.

Virginia Tech Women vs. Baylor - Preview, Prediction, & How to Watch

The Hokies advance to the second round.